Nitecore UM20 Battery Charger

UM20 Charger

Nitecore has long made some of the highest quality lithium ion battery chargers on the market and the trend continues with their UM20. It's a smart charger with reverse polarity detection, and two independent bays so you can charge non-paired cells at the same time. An all in one design includes built in cable management for its MicroUSB power input, and it includes a pass-through MicroUSB output too.

This charger outputs 4.2V to charge all Li-Ion / IMR cells used in our Omicron, Persei, and 8 vaporizers such as 18650, 18350, 14650, and 14500. It automatically senses the proper charging rate at either 1000mA or 500mA, and its easy to read LCD display tells you the exact condition your batteries are in- keep them in prime condition for hundreds of charges with a smart charger from Nitecore!

The Nitecore UM20 charger carries a limited lifetime warranty from its manufacturer that includes 12 months of free repair. Be sure to keep your sales receipt and warranty card handy for all warranty claims.