Bender Vaporizer Review

Bender Vaporizer Review

Posted by Vape Dr. on 23rd Sep 2014

The Bender dry herb Vaporizer Attachment Review

For those of you that are unaware, W9 Tech does offer a dry herb attachment for your Persei vaporizer.

The Bender is an amazing dry herb vaping device that is very simple to use, and its taste is unparalleled.

Bender comes with everything needed to enjoy dry herbs with your Persei unit.

The Bender Herbal Persei Attachment  is a 2 piece all glass vaporizer made from borosilicate glass used for dry herb.

The bottom chamber is where you put your herb.

The top portion is the mouth piece with a built in glass screen built in.

The Bender is best when used with the ceramic rod and preferably the Hammer top button.

Altough the Hammer top button is not essential, the ceramic rod is and is included.

Simply screw your ceramic rod to your Persei button top of choice (at 7.4 volts).

Filling the Bender is simple. Take the mouth piece off and fill the inside of the lower chamber with your finest herb.

The chamber is large and will hold quite a bit, however not a whole lot is necessary to have a great vape session.

Simply screw the ceramic rod to your button top of choice, then place your Bender over the ceramic rod.

Now you can attach the Bender to either your Persei or your C.O.R.E.

You are now ready to enjoy one of the most delicious dry herb vaporizers I have ever had the pleasure of vaping while using your Persei vaporizer.

Always remember THE CERAMIC ROD GETS RED HOT! So be extremely careful when using it.

Although it has a learning curve like the MFLB, FF, Lotus, etc... After a few tries you will easily get the hang of it.

The Bender vaporizer is a wonderful addition to any W9 Tech collection.

The Bender comes with a warranty, and an extended warranty is also offered as well.

Now go enjoy your Bender!

Vape Dr.