Essential Oil and Hash Oil Vaporizer

Essential Oil and Hash Oil Vaporizer

Posted by Gary Bay on 16th Sep 2014

What is the difference between each vaporizer?

Hey guys am back to discuss essential oil vaporizers and hash oil vaporizers and what is the difference. To start off we will do comparisons and the two will be our tanks vs our kiss carts. The first piece we will talk about is the tank systems. The tanks we have chosen that work great for essential oils are the MT4 with Titanium Grade 2 and the Kanger Protank with Titanium Grade 2 coils.

Now when we say essential oils we mean oils that move even if slow but still move while they are tilted or turned upside down, these oils are considered to be like honey, and co2 extracts. These oils are great for tanks because they are viscous enough to move around and the consistency allows for the wicks to absorb it, the way these tanks are designed you can load about 2 ml of oil and vaporize for the whole week without the need of a refill. We believe the MT4 and Kanger Protank 2 are the best there is when it comes to essential oils on your favorite vaporizer.

Ok now that we know the best tanks to use for essential oil we would like to talk about the cartridge that are a bad idea for essential oils, cartridges like the Kiss cartridge or the Kiss globe, these will work great with essential oils, but the constant loading will be a determining factor. I personally would stay away from these carts if essential oils is what you are looking for.

Now getting into the Hash Oil Vaporizer

The 1 main difference between a hash oil vaporizer and an essential oil vaporizer is the fact one vaporizer is designed to vaporizer viscous oils while the other is designed to vaporizer much thicker material like extracts. Extracts like hash is basically plant matter that’s extracted. It comes in different forms some you can hold in your hand like hashish, some you can mold like wax, some even you cannot like shatter. Hash oil vaporizers have been around from 2008 in various forms, the 1st being from Thc Scientific and later on being copied by companies like vape pen, vapor brothers, atmos, gpen, dr dabber and countless other knock off artists. These vaporizers are designed to do one thing vaporize material that are not oils, they are designed to allow the consumer an option that can vaporize extracted plant material. The material in question is wax, shatter, hash, moon rocks and resins.

The cartridges that are best to vaporize the harder material is what we would consider a LAyG system. This means load as you go. These systems like the Kiss Cartridges, coupled with the Okeanos micro bubbler, or the Kiss globe mated to the Omicron vape pen will give the end user countless happy thoughts.

To recap, for essential oils, tanks are the best, for hashes we would suggest a LAyG system like the kiss cartridge to vaporize your oils.