Hercules SR74 Vaporizer Cartridge Review

Hercules SR74 Vaporizer Cartridge Review

Posted by StormyPinkness on 19th Sep 2014

Wow. Wow because it’s intimidating and wow because it’s amazing. I was worried about getting this because it seemed like a lot of machine, if you’re having the same doubts go to fuckcombustion.com and ask questions. The community there is very active and friendly, the staff is on there too. If worse comes to worse you can skype with them, customer service here is ridiculous. Also make sure to read through the directions, the advice about taking it apart and putting it back together before you use it is a good idea. It just helps to know exactly what’s going on in there. One of my favorite things is how you can’t lose oil, anything that get’s too hot and leaks through goes into a reclaim chamber for you to retrieve at your leisure. Another great feature is being able to vape herb with it, I haven’t tried this yet but there’s no reason I wouldn’t because of another great feature. It’s easy to clean, so much of their stuff is magically cleanable by soaking it in iso. No more buying disposable coils over and over. The best feature by far though is taste, you will taste it. I thought other users were exaggerating, but my first pull was intense, enough that I was worried for a second something was wrong.

I’ll go over quick how I use it. First time you put in about .3 to prime the coil (try to get it low by the coil/rod), melt it in and inhale a little to make sure nothing goes into the reclaim, get a little vape off it, then throw in .2-.3 more, melt a little and inhale, then hold the button and draw slowly. It will take a few seconds, but you’ll know when it starts, it’s tasty. When the vapor dies put in .2-.3 more to vape. You only need to prime the coil the first time and after cleanings. If you hold the button for 10 seconds, when you let go it will stay hot and keep vaping for another 10 seconds. YOU MUST DO COOLDOWN HITS. Can’t stress that enough, just do hits until it cools off a little so the wax solidifies and stays out of the reclaim chamber. My first time I did a bad job and got several globs in the reclaim chamber and some on the mouthpiece. Scooped it out with a tool later, torched it off into the herc, and it was good to go. Live it and love it.