​How Vaporizers Help People

​How Vaporizers Help People

Posted by Linda M on 17th Aug 2014

Vaporizers have been around for quite a while, but recently, they seem to be everywhere. Prices have come down tremendously, making vaporizers – from desktop to portable – easily attainable and widely available. I personally have been vaping for about ten years now and I love how far the designs and pieces have come. What’s most important is that people around the world are beginning to see that smoking is not the only way! Vaporizers are actually very helpful devices, and I’ll tell you why.

You can use it to consume cannabis without combustion! That’s right, no more harmful and icky smoke tars, carcinogens, or carbon monoxide in your lungs! No more hacking up phlegm! Vaporizers work by heating up your herbal blends, loose leaf tobacco, cannabis, marijuana or other herbs – to a temperature low enough that it doesn’t burn, but still activates the necessary chemical compounds to provide the intended effect. By vaporizing, since the heat is at a lower temperature, you actually are not inhaling any of the harmful carcinogenic byproducts that you would if you were to smoke a cigarette or a joint. This allows for the user to enjoy their herbs without worrying about inhaling nasty chemicals they wouldn’t ingest otherwise.

Vaporizers are also helpful because many come in a discreet, portable design that allows you to not only vaporizer dry herbs, but cannabis concentrates (oil, wax, etc.) as well! The first portable oil vape that I tried was W9Tech’s Omicron Vaporizer, and not only did it perform flawlessly and provide an amazing hit – nobody around me even knew I was vaporizing an essential oil cartridge. There was no smell, it was very easy to conceal, and others who would ordinarily be bothered by weed smoke weren’t bothered at all! There are countless portable vaporizers available on the market right now at various price points, so shopping for one may be overwhelming. Just make sure to follow solid reviews and purchase vaporizers that are made under the highest standards and you won’t be disappointed!

Herbs other then marijuana can be vaporized such as Lavender or Spearmint, users are not the only ones that can benefit from using a vaporizer. As a cigarette smoker, I’ve been able to cut back on my consumption by supplementing my nicotine intake with an electronic cigarette. There are many electronic cigarettes on the market and their primary function is to vaporize “e-juice”, or flavored nicotine liquid. Inhaling vapor from an e-cig provides a similar feeling to smoking cigarettes, but without the tar and horrible carcinogens from combustion. Another plus with using an e-cig is the variety of awesome flavors, which help tremendously in keeping your hands away from a pack of tobacco. You might be thinking, “Wait, nicotine is addictive and bad – why are e-cigs better than cigarettes?” The honest truth is that nicotine itself is not the addictive part of a tobacco cigarette – all of the other chemicals are to blame. Nicotine itself is actually mostly harmless and is actually more like caffeine. Health experts have even stated that electronic cigarettes are a good way for cigarette smokers to quit tobacco. The internet is full of success stories as well, so there’s no denying that vaporizers can help others as well.

On top of these great benefits, you can even vaporize essential herbs in many vaporizers today. These can be used for a variety of things including clearing your sinuses, creating a relaxing atmosphere, or even (if you so believe), warding off negative energy and bad spirits.

All in all, if you haven’t used a vaporizer yet, you’d be doing a great disservice to yourself to continue on without the experience. It could change your life!