Kiss Cartridge - Vape Pen.

Kiss Cartridge - Vape Pen.

Posted by Gary Bay on 19th Aug 2014

Hello Im back again to discuss the Kiss cartridge for the Minicron, Minicron Lite, Ophos, Omicron lite, Omicron and Persei vape pens. Few that was a mouth full but back to our little blog and why I am here. To touch on a few points before we start I would like to say that we believe the Kiss cartridge to be better then what is out there and safer to use for a few reasons.

Now to start on why it is better. Well for starters KISS means Keep it Simple Stupid we like this saying and decided to name our cartridges KISS because of its simple design. First part of the design is the ceramic wick. Now when we introduced the first porous ceramic wick in the Kiss cartridge everyone thought we are crazy, that ceramic wicks do not absorb that much essential oils as silica wicks, they are correct to a certain degree and we felt the same as they do not, but the trade off with the ceramic wick vs a silica wick as used with other vape pen companies is that it is a stepping stone to something that is healthier, it is by no means the end of all vaporizers but it is a step in the right direction (soon to be explained why it is in the right direction when it comes to the Kiss cartridge).

The second part that makes it a better cartridge then others of the same kind is that we don’t use materials not needed in the design. Materials that we eliminated are solder, glue and the nickel chromium outer jacket, we believe these materials are irrelevant and not needed. We traded the solder for laser welds and used silicon parts instead of glue, as for the nickel chromium sleeve that goes around the ceramic bowl, we believe there is no need for this and the reason why other companies like gpen, vaped, ruvaped, vape-pen, vaporbrothers, atmos are basically unknown but we kind of get the feeling they have no clue what they are doing and just follow what their Chinese manufacturers sell them. This image will show you exactly what is inside the Kiss Cartridge. Simply put we don’t include anything you don’t want or need.

Third part is you can clean it with Isopropyl alcohol. All you have to do is just drop it in, leave it overnight, agitate it every hour, make sure you don’t scrap anything on the cartridge with any type of applicator. Just let the alcohol dissolve the sludge and left of oil’s. Dry it out for a few hours under the sun, or a hot area, after this your Kiss cartridge should be back to operating 100%. The more sludge build up will require more time in the isopropyl alcohol.

Take good care of your Kiss cartridge and you will be happy with its performance.