Kiss Globe Vape Pen Oil Cartridge Review

Kiss Globe Vape Pen Oil Cartridge Review

Posted by Vape Dr. on 19th Sep 2014

If you own any W9 Tech oil vaporizer, I'm sure your familiar with the KISS cartridge, and its unparalleled taste.

Well, W9 has outdone themselve again withe the Kiss Globe V2. The KISS Globe comes complete with globe, coil, adapter, and mouth tip.

The Kiss Globe give you all the flavor of their famous KISS GR2 cartridges with a nice globe to cool down the vapor.

The taste of the KISS Globe are out of this world!

If you are a fan of the KISS cartridges you absolutely have to try the KISS Globes!

The KISS Globe will work on any W9 Techs 3.7 volt oil vaporizers.

They are roughly the same size as the original KISS cartridges

The Kiss Globes are the perfect dab as you go cartridges.

The Kiss Globes, is just like any other W9 product and comes apart into four pieces for easy cleaning as usual.

Kiss Globe coils are available separately for a steal at just under $10.

When matched with the Persei SS kit with a single 18350 battery, It is a very stealty unit.

The taste is undeniable. Not only does it taste great and the vapor is cool, but it can be quite mesmerizing to look at as well!

The unique coil design that W9 Tech utilizes that makes your wax or oil taste better than you could imagine is also used for the KISS Globes.

Just when you think your oil could'nt taste any better, W9 Tech comes out with the KISS Globe!

If you really enjoy your wax or oil I highly recommend trying a KISS Globe.

Ever since I came across them, they have been my go to cart for maximum flavor for single session dabs.

W9 Tech is a company thats continues to innovate new products, and the KISS Globe is no execption.

It seems like W9 Tech comes out with a new product every other week, each one better than the rest.

I am truely amazed at the taste and clouds you get off the KISS Globes.

If you don't believe me, please try it yourself! I implore you to do so!

Seeing is believing!

Vape Dr.