Kiss Vaporizer Globe Review

Kiss Vaporizer Globe Review

Posted by StormyPinkness on 18th Sep 2014

This amazing cart is what originally got me interested in this company. My old vape pen used some kind of plastic/silica wick that would give off vapor dry and I don’t even know what the metal coil or cup was made out of. The old pen’s efficiency dropped off very quickly, the coils lasted about 2-4 weeks. I wanted to get away from all of this and that’s what led me here. The carts have a ceramic wick, ceramic cup, and a titanium coil for heating (both grade 1 and 2). No plastic wick fumes, no who knows what coming out of the hot cheap metal cup and coil, it’s made of the best and purest materials short of everything magically being made of glass. It also lasts a long time and is so incredibly easy to clean. It comes in a cart that’s a really great size too, about the same as a pen cap. It’s also the stealthiest option in my opinion, just a nondescript black cart with no globes and no materials showing.

I’ve tried the 3.7 titanium grade 1 & 2 and 7.4 carts. To get started just put a bb sized amount right on the coil, maybe hit the button a little so it melts on and sticks. For the 3.7’s I inhale, power on for 3 seconds, off for 3, on for 3, then inhale what’s left. The titanium grade 1 cart works pretty much the same, though to me it seemed a little harsher and a little less tasty, but mostly the same as grade 2. Now for the 7.4’s I use a different technique, it’s a totally different level of power and 3 seconds get’s pretty intense and could shorten/end the life of the cart. For those just pulse the button for 1 second at a time. That may not sound like much, but for me it obliterates any concentrate I put on the coil to vaporize. At some point the wax will collect in bottom of the cup, just scoop it up gently with something non-metal and vape it. When the coil/cup starts to look really bad, soak it in 99% iso (high % as possible, I can only legally get 91% where I live) and it will look almost good as new. You’re wick will probably just be discolored, just fire the cart for a couple seconds to burn off any iso left in it. My main one has lasted me months, love them so far.