Minicron Vaporizer - Vape Pen

Minicron Vaporizer - Vape Pen

Posted by Gary Bay on 6th Sep 2014

Jumping straight in so please keep your hands and feet inside my head at all time. High I'm Gary the guy behind Thc Scientific you know the guy on always stalking the threads and answering questions at late nights. Well I'm back to educate the masses on the Minicron Lite vaporizer and what it is for.

Ok so here we go. The Minicron Lite vaporizer is our latest and greatest entry level vaporizer, it replaces our Ophos as being the entry level vaporizer for 1 main reason. It is about 60% of Ophos length, and about 40% of battery life. Now don't be fooled the Minicron Lite might be small but it still packs a punch. It was our choice to go with a 350 mAh battery for a few reason, to have a smaller option for the vaporist that wanted a smaller more pocket friendly device. Now because of my drive to get a vaporizer that is not the norm we added a few options to the Minicron Lite that others of this kind do not have, one being the self-adjusting center pin, this eliminates all the center pin issues other:

  • Vaporizers
  • Vape Pens
  • Electronic Cigarettes

might have.

Now when comparing it to the Minicron Lite to other vaporizers in the same category and you will notice that they all come with a 350 mAh battery and some sort of a kiss cartridge for your essential oils. Most vape pen companies a mini USB charger that allows you to charge just about anywhere. This includes your laptops, desktop, power outlet or even the car, but what sets it apart is the electronics inside, coupled with the self-adjusting center pin makes our Minicron Lites industries longest lasting and less problematic vaporizer on the market.

The Minicron Life now this self-adjusting center pins are also found in our Ophos and Omicron Lite series coupled with the Evod upgrades that make the Minicron the industry leader. The Minicron Lite is manufactured in house by Up Tech and not by a third party, because of this we are able to offer a 1 year warranty and service repair for intentional damage. The Minicron was designed to compete with Ruvaped vaporizer like the Vaped Nano, Gpen’s vaporizer like the Snoop Dog Herbal vaporizer (not really a vaporizer), the copy cats at Dr. Dabber who happen to bullshit about their titanium wires and copy our nibbler designs, and Vapor Brothers Dabbler.

Any way you look at it, quality and a price you can afford can’t be beater, backed by Up Tech’s service and warranty the Minicron Lite Vaporizer is the best hands down oil Vaporizer in it’s class on the market today.