Omicron Lite Vaporizer

Omicron Lite Vaporizer

Posted by StormyPinkness on 18th Sep 2014

This is the perfect vaporizer pen for anyone new to extract vaporizing or this company to start off with. It feels comfortable and solid in your hand. I have the matte black version which I think is a bit more stealth and I like the softer feel over a stainless steel body. Mine came with a case that doesn’t fit it perfectly, but it’s one I pretty much keep it in by default. It’s great to use if you’re the type of person to leave it in your car with some extras. On the bottom a little silver cap unscrews to expose a mini-usb port for recharging (not micro-usb, this is the one that’s a little bigger). That’s super convenient and makes it’s chargeable just about anywhere with the rest of your devices. As far as battery life goes I was using it twice a day for 2 to 3 weeks. So at least 30+ uses and I feel like I’m estimating on the low side. So it will last you and some other people for a day at least no problem, besides, you can charge it over usb anywhere. If all else fails grab a tiny minicron lite vape pen as backup. I was impressed with battery life, my previous pen barely lasted a week like this.

Ok, so now the options of what to use with it. You can use the 3.7 kiss cartridges to be extra stealthy and load as you go. They’re easy to clean and last a long time if you want them to, mine came with one of these and I’m still using it months later. My previous pen needed new cores every 2-3 weeks. The kiss globes are also a great choice, mine helped me see I needed to inhale slower, it’s great for getting your technique down. For both kiss options I breathe in, power on for 3 seconds, off for 3, on for 3, then inhale what’s left. I’ve enjoyed my kiss carts much more since switching to this method over just holding it down. I recently tried a 2.4 eo cart and have really been enjoying that too, though I have better luck pulsing for a second at a time and drawing slowly into my mouth before inhaling. There are other options I haven’t tried and they keep making more. If you have questions ask them, their customer service is crazy good. You can also ask on, they are active there and the users are always talking about this stuff, that’s how I got into it.