Omicron Vaporizer the Original Vape Pen.

Omicron Vaporizer the Original Vape Pen.

Posted by Gary Bay on 16th Aug 2014

People ask me many questions about why the Omicron vaporizer is better. Throughout the years I have come to the conclusion that a short and simple answer is best to fit the best vaporizer on the market for essential oils, hash oils, water extracts, herbal oils, blends or ejuice and that answer would be “Because it’s the best”. People look at me funny trying to figure out if I am cocky or borderline asshole. Well not sure yet but the way the industry is going I am going on borderline asshole. Reasons that will be discussed later if I am up to writing about it. For now I am going to put it out there why the Omicron vaporizer is the best because of the reasons below.


One would think that modular design for a vaporizer is a wanted by the majority of vaporizer users and it is just better, but the mentality that you need to take it apart or remove the battery to charge is bad and keeping many people from experiencing something better. The current mind set of some people is that the less work involved the better referring to charging the battery. This is not the case with modular designs as the capabilities you get with a modular vaporizer outweigh the cons.

Things you benefit with our Omicron vaporizer modular design are:

  • 1.Unlimited upgradeability: This means once we upgrade a part in the newer production models older Omicron owners will not be left in the dark, and they can just upgrade as well.
  • 2.Never have to buy a new unit again: This means just that as long as we are updating our Omicron vaporizer line then you are not buying a new unit, just keep updated every year and you have the latest and greatest W9tech has to offer. Cannot get that with other vape pens can you?
  • 3.Easier on the pocket: Since you do not have to update your unit every year you end up saving money because now you don’t have to spend another $90 on a new vaporizer.
  • 4.Interchangeable: This means that the parts can fit other Omicron Vaporizers. Think about it, you have two different color versions and you decide to color match this would be extremely helpful when you want a black with silver, and your friend or gf or wife wants a silver with black unit.
  • 5.Reliability: With a modular design in a vaporizer reliability factor increases because of one reason, now since it is in parts, the vaporizer is not disposed because of a small section has damage. With other vape pens you have to throw it away and purchase a new one, with the Omicron vaporizer you are going to be happy that you have a hash oil vaporizer that is modular.


The Omicron Vaporizer or what lots of people call Omicron Vape Pen is not run the by the same circuit boards found in many vaporizers of this type like the Gpen, Atmos, Vape-Pen, Dr Dabber, Vapor Brothers Dabbler, Snoop Dog Pen, the Cloud, or any other electronic cigarette type vaporizers made from China. While the modular design can be tied into it being stronger the main feature of the Omicron vaporizer is that it can handle 5 amps of current, and when coupled with the Core pass through system along with the Omicorn HVD top it will simply allow you to reach 7.4 volts, this is simple the smallest strongest available vaporizer on the market, do not be fooled by its small sleek design and vape pen look, it can handle abuse and take it like a champ, something other vaporizers cannot. We have dunked it in water and used it right out of the box, the top thread is different than other vape pens on the market. What this means is that it is not a press fit thread it is actually threaded on with lock tight to give it that extra strength to withstand drops.

Coupled with the capability to run on AW 14500 IMR batteries Up Tech’s Omicron Vaporizer can handle loads that other vape pens like the gpen, atmos, dr dabber, open vape, vapor brother dabbler, snoop dog pen and the cloud cannot.

In conclusion The Omicron Vaporizer simply put will put the shame other oil vaporizers on the market for these two reasons. No other vaporizer can come close to when you take into consideration its strength, durability, interchangeability and reliability coupled with our customer satisfaction drive.

Omicron Vaporizer the one the only King of oil vaporizers.