Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Posted by Gary Bay on 4th Aug 2014

Here at Utopia Planitia Technologies we strive to invent and lead the essential oil industry we help start in 2008. Our philosophy is to always improve and provide the best quality products to our customers, which is why we spent time and resources developing the next generation of oil vaporizer heating elements using ceramic instead of the industry standard wire heaters.

Theory Hercules SR Series Essential Oil Vaporizer Cartridge:

Heating wires are the industry standard for vaporization not because they are the best but because they are the cheapest. However, heating wires while do make for inexpensive vaporizer cartridges however they do not make for clean or smooth vaporization. Instead, heating wires and heating coils rapidly increase an essential oil's temperature past the point of vaporization and well into combustion. When an oil is brought to the temperatures above what is needed for vaporization in such a rapid, unregulated, and uncontrolled manner – the impurities in the oil burn as well as vaporize. The vapor resulting from this process that uses heating wires or heating coils such as our Kiss cartridges, or our Kiss Globes (Stay Tuned to see why our wire heaters are better than these guys) or any other type of wires used in such items as the Atmos, Vapor Brothers Dabbler, Cloud Pen, Gpen, 710 Pen, Gentlemans, Thermovape Luna, Dr Dabber, White Rhino Dube and Vape Ape vaporizers all contain both vapor and smoke. This will be proven later on down this article. No one would knowingly inhale smoke produced from the burned impurities in oil then why would you use coils vs ceramic? For these reasons, we use ceramic heating rods in our Hercules SR product line. When ceramic rods are used to heat oil, the point of vaporization is reached more gradually, more equally, and in a much more controlled manner. The vapor resulting from a ceramic rod contains only vapor and no smoke from impurities found in oil.Our Hercules SR series essential oil cartridges provide much better results for our customers because of a few reasons, and that is what our philosophy is all about. Healthy living Pure Vaporization

Our Reasoning:

Almost all herbal vaporizers increase temperature steadily, until the proper temperature for vaporizing herbs is reached. We endeavored to apply this same approach to vaporizing essential oils. With our cartridge design, we started an industry that is now populated with more knock offs and rebrands of the same device or design than any other industry. In traditional vaporizers: we noticed that while the oil was being vaporized, it was also burning you’re the impurities of your oil if the vaporizer was powered on for too long. No matter what quality your essential oil is, it will leave behind residue. This residue is what causes hybrid vapor aka smoke with vapor. That is why many manufacturers, if not all, will ask you to boil your vaporizer, or place it in an ISO bath, or even as far as having a torch session to burn off everything the heater can not vaporize. This is the biggest issue with pen style vaporizers. They use heaters that were designed and built for the electronic cigarette industry (“e-cig”).

The liquid e-cig heaters are meant to vaporize is a lot more viscous, easier to wick up, and vaporizes at a much lower temperature. Users in the e-cig industry do not use 10-30 second pulls as the essential oil market does. This is the reason why these types of heaters do not work well in the essential oil industry. Taking this into consideration, we designed something completely revolutionary for the industry. The Solution is the Hercules essential oil vaporizer cartridge in 2011 the Hercules SR-71 in 2012 and its counterpart the Current Hercules SR-74x: With the Hercules SR series we have removed all heating wires completely. This does not just go against the industry standard, but it also pushes the envelope in terms of increasing performance, vapor quality and vapor quantity. Best of all, the Hercules SR series was designed from the ground up to vaporize essential oils and is not a cross over from the electronic cigarette market.

1. We removed the electronic cigarette type heaters thus removing any hybrid vapor (temp is user controlled now)
2. We removed the silica wick and/or glass rods (for a small few who think it’s a glass rod)
3. We removed all the solder
4. We removed all wires of any kind (no more ni-chrome 80 wire)
5. We removed all silicone
6. We also added an option for a Nibbler XL (no more drops of water to cool it down)
7. We use only quality parts that we sourced for the Hercules
8. Built tough to withstand daily use

Simply put, the Hercules SR series essential oil vaporizer is everything that the vapor enthusiast needs.

1. You can load as you go if you wish
2. You can have pre-loaded tanks or coils
3. You can load a gram easily
4. You can recover all your oil
5. You can boil it, or submerge it in Isopropyl for 24 hours.
6. You can service your own device so no more down time
7. One Year Warranty against manufacturers defects (including heater)