Persei Oil Vaporizer Review

Persei Oil Vaporizer Review

Posted by Vape Dr. on 18th Sep 2014

Persei oil Vaporizer review

The Persei oil vaporizer comes with everythirng you need to get started enjoying your finest concentrates the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

The persei oil vaporizer is very simple to operate. The taste is outstanding with the supplied GR2 KISS cartridge which comes apart in 3 pieces for easy cleaning. It is also completely rebuilable for added convenience.

The Persei is a very compact oil vaporizer, especially for the punch that it packs! At only slightly longer than a sharpie marker, it is also one of the more portable oil vaporizers on the market.

The Persei runs at 7.4 volts using the (2) supplied 800Mah 3.7 volt 18350 batteries to attain 7.4 volts. Here are the main parts of the Persei. It is a very simple design.

The Persei portable oil vaporizer....

What can I say about the Persei that has'nt already been said a hundred times before.

The Persei Is hands down the heavy weight champion of all portable oil vaporizers currently available.

Believe me I've tried close to all of them searching for the right device!

Then I found the Persei at W9 tech!

Persei, where have you been all my life!

Not only is the Persei the absolute best portable oil vaporizer I have ever used, it has more accessories available for it than you could possibly imagine! The possibilities are literally endless!

The persei is extremely well made, very durable and asthetically pleasing.

It also comes in a variety of colors for just about everyone.

Filling the Persei is a breeze. Just dab your concentrates on the Gr2 kiss coil and your ready to vape!

The unit is also super user friendly. Just push the button and inhale!

The Persei comes with a button lock safety feature as added protection. Just push the button 5 times and it will lock the button so it does'nt engage in your pocket accidentally.

If your looking for the best tasting, most durable, user friendly, upgradeable portable oil vaporizer on the market, with THE ABSOLUTE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ANYWHERE!, look no further. The Persei is for you!

So do yourself a favor and get the best of the best, don't settle for less. Order a Persei today, and you could be enjoying huge clouds tonight!

You will not regret it, mark my word.

Pros: everything!

cons: nothing!

Video of it in Action. 

 Vape Dr.