Persei Vaporizer - The Birth of the Master Oil Vaporizer

Persei Vaporizer - The Birth of the Master Oil Vaporizer

Posted by Gary Bay on 4th Sep 2014

persei-vaporizer.jpgWell I am back love it or hate it I am here to talk about the Persei Vaporizer for herbs and oils came to be. Its a long story I am going to try and keep it short as possible as we know people hate reading stuff, case in point is manuals for our devices, but that is another story in itself. Ok so jumping in and getting started. 

Back in 2009 while we where working on the entry level Omicron vaporizer and getting the pure oil vape pen cartridge system ready we decided that we needed a stronger vaporizer, some will call it a next level of performance that simple vape pens did not offer. Well this is where it go tricky since we didnt know a lot of high voltage vaporizers we decided to contact a few manufacturers out there and see if we can have them build it for us. Manufacturers like Altsmoke and Golden Greek. Well when we did our research the first choice was Altsmoke and having them make their silver bullet mechanical mod for our needs, the talks quickly went south when he found out it was for the essential oil industry. Literally the whole talks lasted no more then 3 minutes when the gentleman on the other hand said our devices will never be used in the oil industry. Ah well screw him right? yup didn't really care as majority of these ecig mechanical mod makers where a little closed minded and hypocrites. 

Then Came the Greek - Thats Mr Imeothanasis on October 2010

After shaking off a bad list idiots and morons I came across Imeothanasis the gentleman behind the Golden Greek mechanical mods, a soft spoken ready to make money kinda fella and wanted to help me out and allowed me to use his devices for our purposes. The devices in question worked with many different battery configurations 3.6V, 3.7V, 6.4V, 7.2V and 7.4V for your ejuice vaping needs. at 7.2 and 7.4v ejuice vaping was crazy and not needed but it sure was best for oil, Now Imeothanasis was a very innovative man and his designs are now being copied by China. He has helped the ecig industry more then many will care to admit, but hes the guy that gave us a side firing lockable button, adjustable air flow and few others. The guy is a genius when it comes to electronic cigarettes and mechanical mods. This leads one to believe he is also open to advice and improving his device. Nope non of that will ever happen. Either way We had our fun with this device. 

The Birth of the Master.

Well after having our fun with the electronic cigarette mechanical mod makers and disappointments ( lots of them ) we set forth to not rely on anyone when building our devices. We like the idea of having the telescopic capabilities of the GG and the looks of the Silver Bullet Mechanical Mod but did not want to make a mechanical mod just yet. We took both designs and combined them with our soon to be named Persei vaporizer. This was not enough as we wanted to do give it a further edge and that was the double top that was capable of running at 7.4v for the user who wanted massive clouds. Well the process to a while we went through many prototypes, and came out with a genius way of using the adjustable battery system from the Golden Greek mods and made it all built in while using the heavy duty power button found on the silver bullet from Altsmoke. All in all we thought we made the one vaporizer that ruled them all. We guess wrong. The ideas in my head started pouring in and we came up with some industry first. 

The Naming of the Master Vaporizer

When we built the Persei it was not originally called the Persei, it was called "it" "that" "740" "big boy" "alpha" and countless other names we don't care to speak about. Then one day I was talking to a gentleman named Brian and he was a Sci Fi nerd/geek like me and we got to talking and talking and he told me hey G your a sci fi guy like me you love Futurama, why don't you name it the Persei after Omicron Persei 8 in the Futurama series. This was that light bulb time again. So we ended up naming it the Persei in honor of our love for Futurama. I can say this I have not looked back after naming it Persei as our creativity has blossomed and naming our devices and attachments has made us unique.  

Persei Attachments and Cartridges. 

With a vaporizer like the Persei we came to the conclusion we are only using fraction of the power on our EO carts. Then we asked the question what do majority of oil users like? The birth of the Hammer came to mind for their titanium nails, then we decided to put the Bender on top of the Hammer to create a herb chamber, then we decided that's not enough we need a stronger cartridge and this took us down the path of the Hercules, that was not enough and then we asked ourselves a question. How do we make it stronger? Bam The Core pass through system came into existence, we kept on asking how can we make it smaller? well the Persei SS kit was our response. The ideas till this day keep coming and from these ideas we kept building. 

All in all the Persei is going to be 3 years old this coming January of 2015 and I must say because of the Persei the oil industry has improved. Companies like Ruvaped are making variations of the Hercules cartridges because of the Persei called the Titan, oh the irony of that, or companies like Dr Dabber making Nibbler copies made possible by the Persei. These knock off artists cant be helped but the Persei is the vaporizer that lets them sleep at night in a nice bed.

The rest folks thats history.