The Core Pass through system for your Vaporizer

The Core Pass through system for your Vaporizer

Posted by StormyPinkness on 18th Sep 2014

The Core isn’t necessary, it’s a luxury. A really, really great luxury. Next time you’re out of batteries, or lose one, or have one die on you and you don’t have backups or they’re currently charging or dead too, you’ll be so happy to have this. It’s so convenient to not ever have to worry about powering your Up Tech vaporizing devices, also saves the batteries for when you’re out and really need them. That’s my favorite thing about it, peace of mind. Every top, device, cart, or whatever will get some nice clean power and work for you. It comes with Persei and Omicron vaporizer inserts, just pop on your top, plug in the core, and you can run so many different things. There’s also a USB port to charge/power the omicron lite and it’s little siblings. It even comes with a cord for the car, great for constant use and the perfect backup. Personally I bought a hammer top to pair with the Persei insert and leave on there, paired with the Hercules it’s become my home unit. On a side note it’s just cardboard, but I love the box it came in, I keep tons of miscellaneous parts/carts/tops in there.

The size isn’t much bigger than a deck of cards. On the front is a screen with the voltage and plus and minus buttons. To change the voltage hold down the button for a bit and then it unlocks and you can switch it to whatever you want. This is a great safety feature so you don’t accidentally burn out any tops/carts. You can also turn this feature off, I’m planning to always leave it on though. Otherwise that’s pretty much it, it’s simple to use, just keep an eye on the voltage. I’ve personally used it with kiss cartridges (3.7 and 7.4), kiss globes, the 2.4ohm eo cart, and the Hercules. The core runs all the tools in the toolbox. Of course the Hercules is the winner, but they all run perfectly on it. You can even dial it down a bit on the 7.4 kiss (I do 7) or Hercules to make it a little less intense. The only negative thing I can say about it is pretty trivial, I wish there was an on/off switch. If you have any questions ask them, their customer service is crazy good. You can also ask on, they are active there and the users are always talking about this stuff, that’s how I found this company in the first place.