The History of Oil Pen Vaporizers Or Commonly known as Vape Pen's

The History of Oil Pen Vaporizers Or Commonly known as Vape Pen's

Posted by Gary Bay on 12th Aug 2014

Where do I Start. Well just to give you a quick over view of the different oil vaporizers that are out there, these little gadgets run on voltages ranging from 3.2v all the way up to 7.4 volts. We will dive in depth into the different types of oil vaporizers later on but this is to provide everyone the history of these things.

Now the oil vaporizer or most commonly known as Vape pens, pen vapes, hash oil vaporizer, oil vapes, essential oil vaporizers, honey oil vaporizers, mechanical mods, variable voltage mods, variable wattage mods or whatever the name is, they are actually based on lithium ion batteries commonly found on Electronic cigarettes. Some use LiMn also known as IMR, the most commonly known IMR brand is the one from AW and some even use LiFePo4 batteries but the most common battery used are the Lithium Ion batteries found on most electronic cigarettes made in Chine ranging from 150 mAh to 1300 mAh. Some use single batteries and some of the higher end designs use dual batteries either wired series or in parallel. We can dive into these things later but this is basically a run down.

The first Electronic Cigarette was patented by someone named Herbert Gilbert. He patented something called the "smokeless non tobacco cigarette" it was basically flavored steam. The device didn’t do so well and was not something the public wanted. Now jump few decades and in 2004 a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik invented the first electronic cigarette that used nicotine that was carried by propylene glycol or vegetable glycol. Now as these things became more internationally known it was a matter of time before someone modified this for the essential oil market.

2008 The Vape pen Era Begins

Back in 2008 July we started our collective called Suite 215 when one of our patients walk in with a Smoke 51 (irony will be explained later) ecig that he showed us that he was using to quit smoking, I personally ordered a few to try to quit smoking (later to learn this simple nicotine vape pen would not help at all) and received my package a week later, I had had about $300 worth of worthless smoking gear that did nothing for me in the end, at the same time as we started using these little 180mah ecigs our cook comes in with a fresh batch of yummy tincture made from the best herbs we could grow at that time. When I saw them together one could say the room lit up with my ideas floating around and I could see the goodness we could do with these little devices for our patients. So we decided to actually take apart cartridges and see if we can put tincture in it. Well since your reading this I’m pretty sure you know what happened next and we used these things all day and night and everywhere we would go to test these suckers out. Man did we do something big we thought we invented the wheel.

2009 The year Innovations begins.

By the end of 2008 we had ordered more Smoke 51 ecigs and modified them for patients who could not smoke but needed something that was easier to carry around. Now this year was spent on refining our Tincture formula and making it better and better, this is also the year we came across a company that was called Vape Pen who was also doing the same thing, but they had a jump on us and had their own branding. Yay for us right? we thought we were done for and so on and so forth, after more researching we also found a company called Vapor Rush who had at one point started but did not even market anything. Now back to Vape Pen these guys had the marketing and distribution network, this is when we decided that we should increase our production and start branding our own and the Omicron Vape Pen was born. Long story short this year was just formulas and such nothing big, but we had our eyes on the big prize. That was to take down Vape Pen and their distribution network because they were charging $85 per Glycol cartridge that basically did nothing for the patients. $85 for cartridges that did nothing!!!!! Are you fucking kidding me? Entering the Cave for a year to make this right and met with a gentleman named Andre (major muse for the next year).

2010 The fall of Vape Pen and the Reign of Omicron

After 2009 learning of Vape pen and their Price gouging for 1.5 ml of Tincture for $85 we set out to right the wrong in the industry we set forth to teach the masses and provide something that was more affordable. Andre showed us the pathway of manufacturing our own vape pens which allowed us to place the first order of vape pens with our own brand and we set out to introduce our Tincture filled cartridges that we suspended 300mg of THC into pg/vg mixture that was marketed for $45 and the masses loved it. The news spread of our achievement and a gentleman by the name of Bucky from Santa Anna found out about us and wanted our cartridges. As it turns out Bucky was the distributor for vape pen and he was not happy about vape pens cartridges being duds and not doing anything for their patients. Bucky was the purchasing manager for about 8 locations and this was essentially Vape pen's SoCal distribution network. Slowly and surely we replaced vape pen cartridges and pushed vape pen out of the market with their overpriced Tincture cartridges. Good bye right? We thought so too but guess we were wrong.

2010 Stage 2

As the year was winding down and our products where a hit with about 50 collectives in SoCal and the list was growing by the month, this gave me enough courage to get in touch with a gentleman named Michael aka Morpheus at Cornerstone Research Collective because this was the place that set the standards for quality and healthy products in SoCal. Michael was kind enough to set up a meeting with us and he is one of the reasons for 2011 that became a huge year for us and a breakthrough in oil vaporizer industry. Now speaking with Michael he told me he wanted 2 changes in our cartridges before he can endorse our product and put it on his shelves, he wanted to have a product as healthy as possible which means the cartridge could not contain the cotton wicking material that was present in our current product line and use Thc Gold as the oil without any other carrier oils. This essentially pushed me to the point of leaving the industry because this could not be done, but I was not done at all and didn’t want to quit. I never had taken a no for an answer and was not about to give up. So I asked Michael to point me in the right direction of Tetra Labs which he did. Story goes on Keep reading.

At this point I had no clue what was going on in the world and didn’t care to see who else was marketing the same things as Vape pen was but had caught wind of Atmos who now happens to be making a 601 threaded vaporizer that was identical to ours. Interesting as I found it that they would be doing the same threading as ours but never really linked to what actually happened in earlier in 2010 until I put two and two together in 2012. Either way we went to work on cartridge technology and tried to figure out what was what and how to make a cartridge work without the glycol. Enter the CE2's that came into the market that year and we tested them but unless you put your oil directly on it then it would not work, still needed a carrier oil to get it to work. Needed more research and development.

2010 THC Gold meet Thc Scientific

In August I spoke to the people at Tetra Labs and got their go ahead to use Thc Gold, this is a funny story because the gentleman who allowed me to use the Thc Gold told me that it was not possible to use pure oil in cotton wicking carts but to his surprise I actually was able to get it in their and this led to the very first pure oil cartridge. Although a revolution in itself this was not the one we were looking for. While others like Atmos who was being filled by Organalabs in Colorado used glycerin we were actually doing pure oil cartridges and allowing our patients to have it for $65 while the glycerin cartridges filled by the others retailed for $60 for 300mg essentially allowing our patients to get 1 gram of pure Thc Gold cartridges for $65. See the difference on who we are compared to these other guys? Well you get the point by now. By the end of 2010 Michael was no longer working full time at CRC and it was harder and harder to get a hold of him because of his move up north and his new venture with a new collective up there.

2011 Omicron Dynasty Reigns Supreme.

2010 had taken a toll on us with the research and development fees and 2011 was not looking any better. Mounting debt a full staff of engineers and scientist was too much and we had to get rid of our Tincture cartridge line. With Vape Pen no were in sight and Atmos coming for us at full speed like a fly trying to take down Lion it was funny to watch. So 2011 we set out to redesign our cartridges and go for broke a make it or break it deal for the oil industry. We contacted few companies Skyda being one of them and a few others I won’t mention to have them do prototypes for us so that we can test and see what’s what and how do we make a pure oil cartridge, we all knew using CE2’s happened to be a bad idea since the waxes, oils and hashes do not wick that great at room temps. In fact they have to be warm to be in liquid form. With many different designs we decided to finally take a ce2 and flip it upside down and see if that works. To our surprise there was already this design on the market but was terrible since it did not work great with glycerin based liquids aka ecigs, so we decided to use a sample of this cartridge to our surprise it sucked, did not work well at all I mean we could not get the wick to wick the oil and was just terrible, we ended up redesigning the internals and added a second heater on the outside. This allowed the oil to melt and the wick up better. Problem solved you might think right? Nope not even close.

2011 Omicron Supreme

September 16th, 2011 is the date that we made headlines. Oh ya around this time Vape Pen was being sold off because it was bankrupt and the owner was not able to continue as we had shattered its business and so on and so forth, the new owners traveled around southern California trying to give away their crappy pens. Atmos was busy copying everything we did and the as one says, the rest is history.

2012 Up Tech is born.

With the suggestion of a friend to name our next product in our line up the Persei we hesitated a bit but thought about it and since we are Sci Fi Geeks we accepted that and named the 7.4v unit we had been working on the Persei, with the next vaporizer being the 8. We had fun naming things after that and it wasn’t easy either but it was fun. The Bender was the toughest one. Utopia Planitia Technologies was the geekiest name we can come up with but hey it was funniest name ever and happened to fit our philosophy of helping others. This was the start of something terrible to come but oh well, it was interesting to see ecig companies jump in the oil industry, repackage their stuff to suddenly work with oils. It was funny but oh well.

2013 The Clones

It seemed that 2012 was the last year that oil vaporizer companies would matter, as 2013 rolled around we starting seeing new companies jump on board science this, science that, apen crap pen bs pen dabbler vaped dabber this dabber that edab fake dabe bs dab enail eskillet whatever you want to call it, they are all just rebranded copies of each other claiming they are the creators and innovators.

2013 Titanium Fake Team

The end of 2013 was funny as a few people starting to claim Titanium coils or Titanium Technology. Interesting things happened as few companies started claiming titanium coils turns out they forgot to mention it was Grade 5 that includes vanadium and aluminum. Some idiots even claim grade 4 yet no lab results to back up the claims.

Oh well the Sheep get led.