Vape. Dr Reviews The Core Vaporizer Pass Through System

Posted by Vape Dr. on 18th Sep 2014

What is the CORE?

(THE C.O.R.E. with sharpie pic)

The core is an absolute must have for any vapor enthusiast using either the W9 tech Persei or Omicron portable oil vaporizers.

The CORE is a pass-through variable voltage device that allows you to plug your Persei or Omicron into any 110 volt outlet and vape "battery free" when using the supplied battery "inserts" with your Persei or Omicron button top.

What makes the CORE stand apart from other devices is its ability to change the voltage output with a touch of a button with the very nice and convenient LED display with a back light. There is also a very convenient USB charger built in so you can charge your phone or any othe USB devices at the same time.

With the core you can dial down as low as 3.0 volts

The CORE is capable of reaching a whopping 8.4 volts, stepping up in .1 volt increments with the touch of a button.

The unit itself is quite small at only 4.5"x2.5"x1" and as a bonus comes with a free car adapter charger so you can use your CORE on the go. You get the best of both worlds with the CORE!

W9 tech also offers an optional Persei 18350 "shorty" pass through battery insert for a shorter "unit". The nice thing about the 18350 insert is you can use it in any voltage mode.

Here is a picture of the standard Persei and Omicron pass through inserts as well as the 18350 insert.

From left to right: Optional Persei 18350 "shorty" bottom, the standard Persei 18650 insert, and the standard Omicron insert.

If you have a Persei or Omicron, You should definitely look into the core.

It is super user friendly, and comes with the home and car charger included.

So save your batteries for when your out and about when you need them!

For those of you with the Hercules, the CORE is an absolute must have! It really takes the Hercules to another level!

I'm still kicking myself for waiting so long to purchase one!

I absolutely love my CORE and recommend it to everyone!

Vape Dr.