What are Vape Pens?

What are Vape Pens?

Posted by Gary Bay on 15th Aug 2014

Vape pens was a term coined by basically being a pen sized vaporizer, god knows who came up with it as we don’t know but we have a guess it was largely used after the company Vape-Pen started marketing their units in the early stages for the industry. You can check out the history here History of Vape Pens. Now back to the article vape pens or essential oil vaporizers, hash oil vaporizers, oil vaporizers, Omicron, Minicron, Minicron lite, Persei, omi pens, hash pens, trippy stix, gpen, snoop dog pen, or whatever the name is consists of two major parts.



Diving into the battery, these little devices come in different milliamps, different voltages, quantity of batteries, an even quality of the batteries. We will dive into the only the vape pens we believe are in this field and the rest will be discussed later. Now these vape pens come in two different classes, one class is the electronic cigarette class, the other is the EGO class. Let’s dive into these two classes.

Electronic Cigarette (Vape Pen) Class


These devices are designed to mimic a cigarette, they use a 3.7v lithium ion battery ranging from 120 milliamps to 280 milliamps and majority of them are automatic when inhaling, this means you do not have to press a button when inhaling as a small sensor is in the air path and it activates the heating element to vaporize the nicotine juice. These devices come in 3 sub classes themselves.

Automatic Disposable

Automatic Rechargeable

Manual Rechargeable

Now the automatic disposable electronic cigarettes also have different sub sub classes (yes that is not good grammar, I do not care go f yourself if your complaining or whining)

200 puffs

300 puffs

400 puffs

500 puffs

What this means is that once the battery charge runs out on the disposable electronic cigarette you have to throw it away, hence the name disposable electronic cigarettes usually the ones I have tried from companies like Njoy and Blu never last till the last puff, or just taste burned half way through. They retail around $8.99 at most gas stations but worthless in my opinion as most either run out of nicotine or just die before empty.

Automatic rechargeable electronic cigarette or better known as a vape pen in the oil market work the same way but you are able to throw away the cartridge and purchase a new cartridge and recharge the battery, what this does is it ties the end user to pre filled cartridges that he or she must buy from the manufacturer. Usually people end up throwing this out within a month as its just garbage.

Automatic manuals have the same components as the automatic rechargeable, it can be recharged and the cartridges can be replaced but the only difference is that you must press a button in order for it to vaporize the oil or ejuice inside. It essentially is something you would end up throwing out within a few months max. They tend to not last as long as needed and die when you need it the most. Worthless as well in my opinion.

Now that we have gotten that explained one should wonder why these things are called vape pens. Here are list of reasons.

The size of a pen or a pencil.

Pocket friendly

On our next session we will dive into the different style cartridges and what design is best for what type of oils.