What is Vaporization?

What is Vaporization?

Posted by Up Tech & Friends on 20th Feb 2014

Over the past few years, personal vaporizing has seen a sharp rise in popularity among people who are looking for a better way to enjoy aromatic or medicinal herbs. For millennia, the human race has used combustion to intake loos leaf herbal blends for its benefits; and used essential oil extracts of plants such as mint or eucalyptus to cure ailments or simply for personal enjoyment. While these methods work to extract essential compounds out of the plant, they are surprisingly ineffective; especially combustion. Combusting any leaf matter is not only unhealthy, but is also inefficient. Many of the active ingredients desired by the end user are destroyed by the heat of combustion. With this in mind, it is not surprising that vaporizing is taking over as people everywhere realize their benefits to the tired tradition of combusting loos leaf herbal matter.

Vaporizing is the act of using a controlled source of heat to boil and evaporate the essential oils out of the plant matter without causing combustion. Vaporizers can also be used to evaporate concentrates of essential oils that have been previously extracted from plants using many methods that are available. These essential oils form a vapor which can be inhaled by the user using many different vaporizers. These vapors do not contain smoke, nor do they contain common harmful components of smoke like carbon monoxide, benzene or tar. Vapor is also smoother on the lungs, and can even be moisturized to ensure that hot vapors do not irritate the throat.

While all vaporizers revolve around the concept of using heat to produce vapor, there are many different ways that they can be designed, with major differences between types of vaporizers and the way they are intended to be used. The most popular type of vaporizer on the market are called Personal vaporizers or PV’s and vaporize a preparation of herbal extracts using glycols as the carrier agents with various flavorings. These vaporizers are generally designed to us a Ni-Chrome wire as their main heater and are shaped and colored to resemble cigarettes to simulate the act of smoking. They are very popular among people, who are trying to quit smoking, as users can slowly decrease the amount of nicotine they vaporize to slowly break their addiction.

Other kinds of vaporizers are designed for users to be able to put raw plant matter directly into them, and vaporize the active ingredients out of the herbal loos leaf. There are a wide variety of different kinds of vaporizers designed to work in this manner, from plug-in tabletop designs, to battery or even butane powered portables. Some work by heating a stream of air which is pulled through the plant material these are called convection vaporizers, while others heat the chamber from the outside, this method is called conduction. However, these devices require a lot of energy to create enough heat for effective vaporization, and as a result portable units usually have limited battery life and noticeably less vapor production than a plug in unit.

Innovations made in the portable essential oil vaporizer industry have made possible another class of vaporizer, which are not intended for vaporizing nicotine oil or plant material, but rather essential oils or concentrates made of active ingredients of other plants. These devices are small, but very powerful and flexible, using a variety of disposable or reusable attachments to give the user incredible freedom over how they vaporize.

While the debate over these devices and the way they should be legally controlled is still happening, it is obvious that vaporizers provide a healthier, cleaner and safer alternative to smoking. There are so many different kinds of vaporizers available to suit any lifestyle. Millions of people have used them to quit smoking, and lead happier, healthier lives because of it.