Nibbler XL

Nibbler XL

This is a water bubbler/diffuser to fit Hercules oil vaporizer cartridges. Twist it on and you'l find the Hercules has never easier to operate since you can now see vapor production and judge your draw strength easily. It cools the vapor and introduces moisture conditioning, a must have when going for a Herculean hit.
It's compatible with the Hercules SR-71, SR-74, SR-74x, and our newest Hercules Oil Cartridge.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

What is included:
  • 1 x Nibbler XL
  • 1 x PTFE O-Ring "Mouthpiece" Top Cap
  • 1 x O-Ring Kit (3 x "905" and 3 x "906" O-Rings)


How to use / troubleshooting

The Hercules should be loaded and primed as normal. Install two thinner O-rings onto the Bottom Insulator. Install the remaining thin O ring into the O-Ringed mouthpiece replacement and thread that on the Hercules. Twist clockise while you slide the Nibbler over and around the Hercules, as shown in this video:  Check to see that the O rings are sealing and are compressed. If they are loose and not sealing, replace all 3 with thicker 906 O-Rings.

Once installed use a syringe to easily fill with water to the bottom of the "U" in the logo. Draw through the Nibbler and check performance with a test hit. If vapor is produced, you're good to go. If the Nibbler bubbles but no vapor is drawn, exchange all three thin 905 O-Rings with thicker 906 O-rings and try again.

Twist clockwise only to remove the Nibbler, and keep the percolator hole uncovered to prevent drawing water into the Hercules.

No warranty is given other than for cracks upon delivery. Proof of shipping damage must be reported to within 24 hours of receipt. Proof of purchase is required.