Hercules Titanium Wick

Hercules SR-74 Titanium Coils
Here at Utopia Planitia Technologies we take vaporization seriously, which is why we spared no expense to develop a new manufacturing process that will benefit our customers health when it comes to vaporizing essential oils. With this determination and the drive to be health conscious we are able to manufacture a wicking system for essential oils that is made from pure Titanium.

This second generation of wicking system is made from Grade 2 titanium wire with a guaranteed purity of 99.2% or greater. Each wick is about 4mm in height and can hold approximately 0.5g of stable extracts inside your Hercules. The wicks feeds oils into the Hercules centrally placed ceramic rod as continuously. These wicks may be cleaned repeatedly using isopropyl alcohol and heat, they'll last for a long time, and only need to be replaced if worn out or physically damaged.
What is included:
  • 1 x 4mm Gr 2 Ti Wick.
Compatible With:
No warranty is given other than dead on arrival. This must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. Proof of purchase is required.