Alpha Centauri 1701 Ceramic Donut

Kiss Alpha Centauri 1701 Rebuildable Ceramic Donut with Black Ceramic Wick
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Here at Up Tech we take our time and when we do we produce perfection. The Kiss Alpha Centauri 1701 Ceramic Donut is the next generation of ceramic donuts heaters. The design of the ceramic donut heater itself is taken from our Universe v1 cartridges and made more compact. The large surface area provides an even, low temperature vaporizing surface, while our porous ceramic wick system feeds oils into the heater and helps to minimize splatter. Furthermore, the 1701 has been designed to be easily serviceable and rebuidable so that in the event the heater fails or a lead breaks, you can easily change the donut heating element for a new one. (See "Product Videos" above.)
This ceramic donut style heater is specifically made to fit the Kiss Alpha Centauri V2 system and Omicron V4 and V5 only. It is not compatible with the Kiss Alpha Centauri V3 System.
Compatibility Notes: 3.7V version has a 0.8Ω donut heater, compatible with our newest Omicron V4 or V5 at 10 and 13 watts ONLY (Do not use Green or Blue power settings or you may damage the donut) Also compatible with our 3.7V models such as the Minicron, O-Phos, Omicron, Persei, and 8 vaporizers.
The 7.4V coil has a 1.7Ω heating element and is intended for use ONLY with our Persei and 8 vaporizers running 2x AW18350 batteries in 7.4V mode or on our Core power supply. Not intended for use on any single battery vaporizer.
Heaters are warrantied against DOA / manufacturing defects within 24 hours of receipt, proof of purchase is required. Once the heater has been loaded, no warranty applies and no replacements may be offered.

Please test each new heater in a completely dark room by applying 10 second pulses of 10 watts until a dull glow is seen. (For 7.4V use 3 second pulses) Do not allow the donut to glow red. If the coil does not heat after the fourth power cycle, please send a video showing the issue to with your Order ID within 24 hours of receipt, no exceptions.