Alpha Centauri Ti Gr2 Ceramic Single Coil

Alpha Centauri Ti Gr2 Ceramic Single Coil

One replacement Single Coil titanium grade 2 heater for the KISS Alpha Centauri V2 System and Omicron V4 and V5 vaporizers. It is not compatible with the Kiss Alpha Centauri V3 System.

Up Tech’s Kiss Alpha coils offer you healthier vapor and the best possible flavor from a coil heater with our second generation porous ceramic wicks (not found anywhere else) that wick and hold oils inside our titanium coil for a lower temperature, tasty vape when you want it, and thick clouds if you choose to use higher power levels. These coils are wrapped with grade 2 titanium wire for vaporization with unmatched purity. For best results we suggest use at 8-10 watts, higher power levels might wear the coil faster.

By purchasing these coils and other products from Up Tech not only do you support innovation but customer service that is here when you need it.

Please ask if your vaporizer is compatible before ordering. The Alpha Centauri uses sub-ohm coils (0.6-0.8Ω) and not all vaporizers or batteries may be capable of powering it. Due to the nature of grade 2 titanium these coils fluctuate in resistance greatly and we suggest using them at 10w or below.

May not work on Omicron V1-V3, Minicron Lite, Minicron, O-Phos, Persei V1-V4, or any of our older designed circuit boards. To fully unlock this unit's potential, a sub ohm unit like the Omicron V4 or V5 vaporizer is required.

Coils are warrantied against DOA / manufacturing defects within 24 hours of receipt, proof of purchase is required. Once the coil has been loaded, no warranty applies and no replacements may be offered.

Please test each new coil in a completely dark room by applying 5 second pulses of low power until a dull glow is seen. Do not allow the coil to glow red. If the coil does not heat after the fourth power cycle, please send a video showing the issue to with your Order ID within 24 hours of receipt, no exceptions.