Hercules SR-71

Hercules SR-71
These are our last Hercules SR-71. These units are 601 threaded to fit a Persei or 8 Vaporizer and they are a closeout special that come with no instructions, no package, no tool and no titanium wick.
Otherwise, it is a complete Hercules SR71 cartridge. The cartridge will have older style PTFE insulators that have Hercules 7.4v engraved on it and the bottom adapter is not compatible the Nibbler XL.
This is a complex vaporizer to operate, please read its instructions and differences between this model and our newer 510 threaded Hercules before purchasing.
Caution: Requires high amp discharge AW IMR Batteries and a Persei or 8 Vaporizer. This cartridge cannot run on the standard IMR cells included with the Persei. High amp discharge cells must be used or the Hercules will not heat.
The Hercules SR-74 ceramic rod is warrantied for 1 year, while the bottom adjustable insulator and the adjustable center post are consumable items they are only warrantied for DOA. Proof of purchase is needed for warranty work.