All About the Omicrons (And Batteries)

All About the Omicrons (And Batteries)

Posted by SamuraiSam on 9th Dec 2015

Greetings, Omicronians! Today I'm here to talk about the original essential oil vaporizer, the Omicron. This is our flagship pen vape, originally designed to power our Essential Oil cartridges and revised many times since it's creation in 2008. This article covers all versions of the Omicron to show all its different battery configurations that have been available past and present.

If you're looking to pick up your first Omicron much of this information won't apply to you. You'll never need to upgrade to a higher output battery, as all Omicron available at are the latest and greatest third generation model. You'll be getting the best modular pen vaporizer we've ever made with the best battery, too. If you're a current owner of an Omicron looking to maximize its potential this article might be useful.

Now we'll to take a few steps back in time. Our original V1 Omicron dates back to 2008 and its history is covered in this article by our fearless leader Gary also known as THC Scientific. The very first Omicron was an integrated battery unit specifically designed to run the Essential Oil cartridge.

This is the Omicron V1:

It's pictured here with its garnish skirt removed, and also next to its newer siblings the Omicron V2 and Persei V1 vaporizers, and a first-gen O-Phos. The first Omicron was produced for several years and most of these vaporizers batteries have expired, although I do occasionally get calls from customers with Omicron from more than 5 years ago still going- We never expected the battery to last that long!

The next version of Omicron was the V2 and we completely redesigned the Omicron for this one. The original all-in-one Omicron design lend its ideas to our O-Phos (Omicron-Phosphorescence aka Omicron Light) with an increase in battery size,  and our next iteration of the Omicron sought to solve the issue of a dead battery with a modular design that would allow the user to change the battery themselves instead of throwing the vaporizer away.

Our Version 2 Omicron arrived in 2012 and included  two 14650 batteries with 1000mAh capacity and it came with the same Essential Oil cartridge as the V1 Omicron. This vaporizer and battery combination also works well to power some of our later cartridges like our first and second generation KISS cartridge and our KISS Globes, our e-juice cartomizers and Protanks. It'll also power our newer KISS Mini cartridges.

One very unique kit that was offered several years ago for a short production run only was called the Omicron HVD kit. This kit sought to upgrade the Omicron with the ability to run in 7.4V mode. This was originally intended to power the 5Ω Essential Oil cartridges and make the Omicron a 'baby Persei'. This kit also gave the ability to run 7.4V KISS Carts, and use one of the single 14250's at a time in 'shorty mode' which could run a KISS cart or EO cart for a short time.

The HVD kit is pictured on the left. It included a new High Voltage Discharge top that can supply 7.4V. It came with a shorty battery tube that when combined with the Omicron's original bottom spring, can run a single 14250, and it came with a special HVD bottom spring shown in the center, which is designed to take up 15mm of space inside the original Omicron tube so that the two 14250 batteries can be stacked to run 7.4V on the included Top.

This kit worked great but the downfall is the small blue batteries are simply not great quality and due to their small size, they don't have much total capacity or amperage discharge capability. They can't hang with any of our high output cartridges, and we discontinued this kit because it had made the Omicron a bit more complicated than most users were looking for, and the batteries couldn't keep up with our cartridges demands.

After this kit was out of production, we upgraded our Omicron to a V2.5 with more durable construction and packaged it with a KISS cartridge.

One great thing that came about due to the HVD kit was since the bottom spring took up 15mm space inside the standard tube, we now had a setup that allowed use of a 14500 battery. Customers found such great performance with the high amperage output Andy Wong 14500 battery that we created a tube specifically to fit it. It also allows use of 2x 18250's without the HVD bottom spring!

Introducing the SS kit, it comes with one AW 14500 battery and a tube to fit it:

If you own a V2 or V2.5 Omicron with a 14650 battery and want to upgrade to the best battery for your Omicron and shorten its height too, this SS kit  includes one AW 14500 battery and one tube to fit it. From there on out you'd only need individual 14500 batteries to keep your Omicron powered!

These batteries give much better performance with our titanium wire cartridges, and are even able to handle our latest single wick third-generation KISS cartridges.  These cartridges put a more load on a battery than our previous generation cartridges, the Ti wire is thicker and wrapped many more times around our black porous ceramic wicks than our Gen 2 KISS carts, so they need more amperage output than the 14650's can provide: AW batteries are required for their use in an Omicron! 

Batteries and their tubes to fit:

14250, 14500, 14650

The current V3 Omicron packs every feature we've put into an Omicron or accessory up until this point. From the top down, we start with our HVD-V2 touch sensor top, able to output up to 8.4V when powered with our Core power supply. It includes the "SS kit" tube and one AW 14500 battery. The tube can accommodate two 14250's (if you can find them) but these batteries won't be able to fire our 3rd gen KISS carts at 7.4V. If you like the 5Ω EO carts or 7.4V Grade 2 Ti KISS carts, this is a great pocketable setup!

I hope this information's been useful. If you have any remaining questions about the best batteries for your Omicron, please contact us for assistance and we'll get you re-powered!