Hercules on Hash Church

Posted by SamuraiSam on 17th May 2016

This past weekend I was invited north by BC Bubbleman who invited me back for Hash Church episode 86. The majority of the discussion (the first 3 hours) were solidly about AUM, the new California initiative with a lot of conversation between Etienne Fontan, Todd McCormick, and Tim Blake (Founder of the Emerald Cup) discussing that new law, but after about 3 hours Bubbleman loaded up a quarter gram or so of Green Crack rosin from West Coast Concentrates into about ten drops of AC/DC terpenes from Blue River extracts and I poured that into the Herc...


We took one hit each and as a newcomer to the terps I hit a bit of an overload... Vaporizer discussion begins around 3 hours, 14 minutes in :)

After Church ended we went out for a bit more proper of a Herc session:


and then I finally headed for the border so I could get back to work and do.... something.... What was that, again???

Oh yeah... Sorry to keep you waiting...

Our new Hercules Oil Cartridge in native 510 threading is now available for purchase from w9tech.com


the long-awaited 510 > 601 Adapter Bottom Insulator makes it debut today, too- it's available to purchase now :)