How I found the Omicron / Omicron Giveaway

Posted by SamuraiSam on 30th Jan 2016

It's always nice to hear from a customer who's been helped my posts I've made on FC, Reddit, and elsewhere- the validation that those posts have been helpful makes them worth while! I'm often told that it's obvious I have good first hand experience with these vapes, and today I wanted to share a little bit about why that's the case.

I think it was in 2012 or perhaps 2013 that I was looking to purchase my second vaporizer. I owned a digital Volcano (yeah I went all out on my first vape purchase) and it was working great for my at home needs, but I had recently discovered oils and was looking for a way to use them on the go. I did some reading online and found a few products that looked similar and one that looked quite a bit different- the Omicron was the only vaporizer that allowed the user to load their own oils, a gram at a time, into a cartridge that gave many hits. I was pretty curious but too hesitant to spend $120 ordering a vaporizer online. Luckily a few months later when I stopped by my local smoke shop, they had just gotten a shipment of Omicron V2 in stock, and once I saw its quality compared to the other options available, purchased the first unit that store sold! The owner hadn't tried this new Omicron yet and asked me to come back and share my thoughts.

As most vaporists do, I had a little bit of a learning curve with the Omicron and struggled with my first two essential oil cartridges - I was overheating the carts when filling them, and not drawing properly. It was kinda hard, and I never bothered calling customer support for help. I just talked to the store owner, and did a bit of Googling where I found a great article about the Omicron in the Vaporpedia, this was actually my introduction to Fuck Combustion. I browsed and found the information I needed from @THC Scientific and others, about how to draw properly, and clear the tube of vapors after a hit. I learned how to make a tool out of a bobby pin to clear buildup in the center tube, and after that I didn't stick around, once I had found the info I needed I just went back to filling and vaporizing cartridges! After a while, something got improved in the construction of the carts and they seemed to work better and clog less.

I used the Omicron for over a year and went through quite a few of these essential oil cartridges, until one day after a long spell of not dropping by the smoke shop, I was in need of a new cartridge and saw a bunch of new options. The "KISS" carts seemed to turn the Omicron into a more traditional skillet type vape and I picked up a V1 cartridge and tried it out. It worked okay and gunked up easy; had to clean out the mouthpiece often due to a filter in the way- no good. Quite soon, though, the V2 KISS arrived and I began using that one. Now we're getting somewhere- the hits were super powerful, and way tastier than the EO carts. They even had this amazing Nibbler X bubbler that fit over the essential oil carts- I had to try it out.

It's been a long time since my early days of vaping with the Omicron, but I'll never forget the learning curve I went through- I think about it often as I do my best to help our customers today. I still consider myself a customer first, and employee second, and try to do my best to make sure everyone has as good of a time possible using our products as I did. I'll write more about when I began using the Persei and got into the FC community later on, but today the exciting bit of news has to do with the Omicron V2 I've been talking about, the first vaporizer that introduced me to UP Tech.

We're celebrating our Sweet 2-15 soon, 8 years of oil vaping from UP Tech, and we'd like you to help us celebrate with an Omicron vaporizer: We'll include one for free with every order of $10 or more, while supplies last. We're providing free vaporizers only; no cartridges are batteries are promised with this promo, and for further details please check out this link

I'd suggest picking up a KISS Globe or V2 KISS cartridge and one 14650 battery to pair with your free Omicron, beyond that, the sky's the limit! If you have any questions- as always, feel free to contact us for help any time!