How to get started with your Hercules Oil Cartridge

How to get started with your Hercules Oil Cartridge

Posted by SamuraiSam on 21st Nov 2015

When you first get the Hercules it won't have any oils on it buy may have residuals from manufacturing, that's why we suggest boiling all its parts in distilled water. I put all the Hercules parts in a strainer, then lower it into boiling water, agitate gently and lift out after five minutes. You can save the water for cleaning next time if you let it cool and pour it back into a clean container.

Dump the Hercules' parts on a lint free towel and once cool enough to handle you can assemble the Herc. Test fire it before installing any ti wicks; make sure the rod gets red hot. Once tested properly, squish the wick to create an interference fit and install it into the Hercules. You can heat cycle the Hercules once more to remove your finger oils and any residuals left on the titanium coil if you wish.

Now it's time to load the Hercules. With the top cap installed in the mouthpiece, take about .2-.3g and put it in the chamber, straight on top of the rod and coil. Pulse the power on your Persei or 8 gently with short one or two second applications of power to gently to melt the oil into the coil and saturate the wick with a buffer load. Draw gently though the Herc, then add another quarter gram and reassemble the Hercules. It's now ready to use!

Let's get vaping! Press and hold the power on your Persei or 8, and after two or three seconds begin sipping gently until you can taste the vapor production starting. Keep holding power while you inhale, and after your vapor gets thick enough you'll want to let off the power once the rod is hot and feather the button if you want to take Herculean rips. (Or you can just keep inhaling with the power off or a few seconds to clear it- you aren't required to take big lungfuls if you don't want to.) Cool down the device in between your hits, and after the end of a session be sure to cool it down to resolidify the oils inside.

When any reduced vapor production is noticed then pop the cap off the Herc and check to see if it needs a re load. Just add a quarter gram at a time and you can keep on using the Hercules. If it gets over saturated the only thing that will happen is the Titanium wick won't be able to hold all your oils and it will dump them into the reclaim chamber underneath the heating chamber. When the device cools you can take it apart and gather the reclaim and put it back into the vaporization chamber to re-use it so no big loss there.

You will only need to clean your Hercules after it has either leaked oil due to not enough cool downs or other improper use, or because the flavor has gone south and needs a cleaning. Initially most people get reclaim in the lower chamber until the proper cool down technique has been learned; draw air through the device between hits, and then after a session for several minutes in order cool it down and allow the coil to resoilidify inside the Ti coils. When used in this manner and when oil is added any time it's low you can use the Hercules for many continually without needing any cleanings or maintenance.

When you do notice an off flavor you can then vape the Herc until no more oil is left or flavor is too bad to continue - break it down and place all parts into a ziploc bag and then add isopropyl alcohol to cover all the parts. I take my sealed ziploc bag and put in in a bowl in my kitchen sink with hot water in order to increase the alcohol's cleaning effectiveness. Soak until the iso is saturated with oils then try a rinse with clean ISO and cycle rinses of alcohol until the oil residue is no longer discoloring the alcohol.... Then once the parts are clean with alcohol, to get it the last little bit to perfect, I'll take the Ti coil, hang it off a Ti dabber, and gently torch it to clean all residue and carbon buildup. All the other parts go into a strainer and get the same distilled water cleaning treatment as the initial clean. Then I assemble the Herc and perform the last step of cleaning by holding power till the rod gets red hot and self-cleans all remaining buildup off.

I hope this is a good overview of the cleaning and maintenance necessary to keep the Herc in tip top shape!If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask, or give me a call any weekday, 9-4 PST.