Omicron v4 The Next Generation Oil Vaporizer

Omicron v4 The Next Generation Oil Vaporizer

Posted by Gary Bay on 16th Dec 2015

When we first started the oil vaporizer industry in 2008 no one would have thought what the industry would become, no one thought about what it would be like in 8 years that is right the oil vaporizer industry is turning 8 years old for us this December 24th. One would say it is a long journey a hard one filled with innovation, copy cats and the ever so present pretenders in the industry. Well on Jan 25th that will change. Why you may ask? Well that is the day we introduce the Omicron v4 oil vaporizer.

Enter the Oil Vaporizer King

Many things can be said about the Omicron oil vaporizer and many things can’t be said, it is the one device that has been consistent with what it does and that is to vaporize your essential oils, concentrates and extracts, but this time with the power you need and then some. Let’s dive into what the new unit can do. First of all the Omicron oil vaporizer is a ground up redesign that uses a new chassis and a completely redesigned circuit board that is more than capable of running our third generation Kiss cartridges, Kiss globes, Kiss Alpha Centauri and as well the 1701 ceramic doughnuts. It has 4 power settings and comes in three sizes.

First size is the 600 mAh Omicron that will be a pocket friendly version that is suitable for the out and about at concerts and venues where you really need to be discreet and quick, it short and quick to power up and give you the vapor needed to get where you need to be. This little device is a must have in your oil vaporizer collection.

Up next is the 1400 mAh Omicron that compromises on size a bit but offers more of a life span between charges for the medium duty use. This device will handle medium vaporist that uses more than the light user but not as much as the heavy user, it’s great for a full day of vaporizing when your away from your home, a good compliment to the 600mAh version where you can alternate between the sizes for each occasion you are about to enjoy.

Last but not least is the 2100 mAh Omicron, the bad boy some would say the King of the hill on this chassis. This version is designed for one thing and one thing only, give you the life between charges for the heavy duty user in mind. This version will last a day and then some (there is always an exception to the rule) but for majority of heavy users this will last 24 hours use, not continuous use but enough for a heavy user for 24 hours.

All three vaporizers will be available in 510 threading plus with our new Kiss Centauri oil vaporizer cartridge system will make the Omicron Oil Vaporizer a must have in all vaporizer collections.