Second update to our Utopia Herbal and Oil Vaporizer

Second update to our Utopia Herbal and Oil Vaporizer

Posted by Gary Bay on 19th Nov 2015

Hey guys Gary here and I was given some good news today and while I was sitting here and doing some design work on our next generation of oil and herbal vaporizers and I decided why not do a quick update for our followers on our blog about the Utopia herbal and oil vaporizer that is coming up, since the good news was about this particular vaporizer.

As we all know the Utopia is going to be the mother of all vaporizers for your herbal and oil needs, its housing is all glass with the mixture of quartz and borosilicate. It will be a large desk top herbal and oil vaporizer that will have somewhere around 4 parts. This vaporizer will be powered by 2 x 400 watt heaters that is assembled in the USA to give you that extra power when you have guests in the house and need to vaporize a lot of loose leaf tobacco and essential oils.

Now jumping to the update as I was working on my projects I got a call from our glass manufacturer and he informed me that all the necessary parts have arrived to start building the Utopia herbal and oil vaporizer. I for one was super happy because this project has taken over 1.5 years to make and we are so close to having a working prototype.

Now this doesn’t sound like an update for a grand vaporizer such as the Utopia believe me when I say this it is because it is a major hurdle to cross. Once learning of this information I decided to have a little meeting with my electronics engineer about the control unit that will power this beast. Once we are done with the alpha stage prototype vaporizer we will then custom design a control unit that is unheard of when it comes to vaporizers. We are working on great things here and please stay tuned because once Utopia takes off your herbs and essential oils will be vaporized faster than Warp 9.

I guess some might say Utopia Herbal and oil vaporizer has landed or will take off. I am confident when you guys see it you will be blown away by it.