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Sideloading Persei Progress

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It's been some time since the side loading Hercules mock ups were shown, and we've been making good progress on the circuit board and control algorithms for temperature controlling our ceramic rod heaters. We've also been working on the physical chassis, and have a few photos to share of its progress.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it!

Hercules Generational Changes, and our newest 510 Herc!

The Hercules Oil Cartridge is our highest end cartridge and while the concept hasn't changed over the years, we have updated it with improvements many times since its introduction in 2012. The Hercules Oil Cartridge is the latest version and this article aims to outline each prior generation of Hercules and list the changes and improvements [...]

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Hercules on Hash Church

This past weekend I was invited north by BC Bubbleman who invited me back for Hash Church episode 86. The majority of the discussion (the first 3 hours) were solidly about AUM, the new California initiative with a lot of conversation between Etienne Fontan, Todd McCormick, and Tim Blake (Founder of the Emerald Cup) discussing that new [...]

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How to get started with your Hercules Oil Cartridge

When you first get the Hercules it won't have any oils on it buy may have residuals from manufacturing, that's why we suggest boiling all its parts in distilled water. I put all the Hercules parts in a strainer, then lower it into boiling water, agitate gently and lift out after five minutes. You can [...]

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Persei Vaporizer - The Birth of the Master Oil Vaporizer

Well I am back love it or hate it I am here to talk about the Persei Vaporizer for herbs and oils came to be. Its a long story I am going to try and keep it short as possible as we know people hate reading stuff, case in point is manuals for our devices, [...]

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