The KISS Alpha Centauri: Boldly Going where no Globe has gone Before

The KISS Alpha Centauri: Boldly Going where no Globe has gone Before

Posted by SamuraiSam on 13th Nov 2015

Hello fellow vaporists! SamuraiSam, W9 Tech Support at your service. Last time I dropped in, I gave an overview of our KISS Globe system and all the different replacement coil and donut options available. Globes do offer a decent variety, and most of the coils and heating elements used in them are compatible with even the lowest power batteries... but in the course of developing new coils and heaters, we encountered several limitations and knew that if we could overcome some of these design constraints, we could engineer a much higher quality globe / coil system.

What if we set aside compatibility with low power batteries, and focused on the best vapor experience possible with a serious power supply?

What if we didn't have to fit our coils into a small standardized cup and could make a cup of our own choosing?

To answer these questions and overcome the limitations of a Globe system, we've developed the KISS Alpha Centauri.

It's a completely modular high performance oil vaporizer system that is equally as much a super-strong all stainless steel discreet cartridge system, or if you prefer it can be a glass globe showing off unparalleled vapor production. You can use any mode with any coil, which makes the Globe an awesome teaching tool- learn your technique while you can watch your clouds form; then swap housings and take the same coil out and about without fear of breaking any glass!

The Alpha Centauri comes in two versions: 510 threading to fit any 510 e cigarette or box mod, or 601 threading to fit any UP Tech vaporizers like our Persei and 8 - our ultimate vaporizer to power it :D. The kits differ in the bottom assembly threads where it attaches to the vaporizer battery; this piece is not available outside of a full kit, so be sure to buy the appropriate version for your vaporizer, and contact our Customer Service before ordering if you have any questions about compatibility.

Let's take a look everything that's included in the Alpha Centauri Kit!

The Alpha Centauri comes packaged in a thick cardboard box with a pull tab hanging out. Sliding it open unveils a drawer packed with vaporizer goodies, laid out in a foam-cut insert.

The Alpha Centauri starts with the base, and it's bottom assembly features an adjustable airflow ring to select from 3 different airflow settings and can be easily disassembled for easy maintenance. It's first housing is the Alpha Mode which is a durable stainless steel housing. Next is Centauri mode, it's glass globe and threaded base. The kit comes with a single wicked Grade 2 Titanium coil, a dual wick Grade 2 Titanium coil, and one user-rebuildable 1701 ceramic donut. An optional skirt for eGo battery compatibility is included - if your vaporizer has eGo outer threading, you can use the included screwdriver to attach the eGo skirt to the bottom assembly for a classy finish. The last item pictured is a bag of spare parts; spare O-rings and insulators for the bottom assembly and/or 1701 ceramic donut are included for your convenience too.

Looks nice on the outside, but what about where it matters- what makes the Alpha Centauri perform so much better than the Globe? Let's take a look at both of these cartridge systems- KISS Alpha mode on the left and KISS Centauri mode in the center; compared to the traditional KISS Globe setup on the right.

Starting from the bottom up, the first major improvement of the Alpha Centauri over it's Globe predecessor is that the base of the Alpha Centauri incorporates adjustable airflow. The black ring can be spun to uncover one of three air holes in increasing size to change the draw restriction of the cartridge. The next design change is that the shape of the Globe standard means its coils have to fit through a small neck, and can't be very tall as they must fit inside a globular shape! Notice how tall the chamber of the Alpha Centauri is, and how wide the glass opening is. A straight shot, all the way up; as an added bonus this makes the Centauri glass pretty easy to clean.

Now let's take a look at the business end of these coil systems. After all at their heart these are both platforms that use replaceable coil heating elements, and here lie some of the biggest advantages of our Alpha Centauri over any other Globe systems:

On the left is our Alpha Centauri single coil, compared to our KISS Globe Single Ti coil on the right. Both of these coils use the same black porous ceramic wick- this is the best wick we've found for our wire carts. It's porosity is similar to a lava rock in that it's filled with pockets for your oil to seep into and be ready to vaporize. They're both wrapped with Grade 2 Titanium wire, but you may notice the Alpha Centauri's wire is noticeably thicker, and wrapped many more times around the wick than our Globe coil. The Alpha Centauri cartridge needs a powerful battery to work, but since it has a thicker wire that surrounds the wick many more times, it both heats the wick more evenly for better flavor, and its much greater surface area produce more vapor than the single wick Globe coil as well. This thicker wire takes more power to heat, we suggest about 8-10 watts for best performance on the Alpha Centauri's single coil.

Moving on to our powerhouse coil. On the left you have the Alpha Centauri Dual Coil, compared to the KISS Globe Titanium Dual Coil - the highest end double-wick coil we make for the Globe system. It's readily apparent that the Alpha Centauri is a much bigger beast than the Globe coil this time around.Notice how we've had to fit the smaller, non-porous white ceramic wicks in the dual wick Globe coil. This is because the size of the ceramic cup is standardized in a Globe. With the Alpha Centauri, we designed a physically bigger ceramic cup to fit two of our black ceramic wicks side-by-side for superior oil absorption and a much greater capacity than a Globe coil could ever hold. The Alpha Centauri coil heats more gently and evenly thanks to its next-generation titanium wire and black ceramic wicks; it produces tastier vapor and can deliver more hits per load compared to its Globe counterpart, whose non-porous white ceramic wicks give a faster heat and less flavor than the AC coil delivers. The Alpha Centauri's dual coil holds a lot more oil, and thanks to the black ceramic each hit will have stellar taste! The Alpha Centauri's dual wick coil is also capable of being used at 7.4V on our Persei and 8 vaporizers as long as you're quick with pulses- don't hold the power at all! On variable wattage devices we suggest starting low and working up- and a maximum of 13 watts on our dual coil.

The last coil included with the Alpha Centauri isn't really a coil at all... Our 1701 is a user serviceable ceramic donut, topped with our black ceramic wick to feed oil into its heater.

The 1701 included in the Alpha Centauri kit is a 3.7V version, but we also have a 7.4V model available separately which is amazing on the Persei and 8 vaporizers, and we've got replacement wicks and heating elements to rebuild this cartridge to whichever resistance you choose!  (0.8Ω for 3.7V, and 1.7Ω for 7.4V.) The 1701 really maximizes the flavor of your oils and the ceramic wick helps reduce splatter on the globe and delivers a few more flavorful hits per load than with other ceramic donut atomizers. Now, we do have a 1701 available for the Globe, too- pictured here to the right of the rebuildable AC 1701, but it's not user serviceable- it's disposable just like all our other Globe coils.

Last but not least.... This isn't the end of the Alpha Centauri's options. The Globe coils are threaded specifically to work in a Globe- but we've used 601 threading on all Alpha Centauri coils, making them both forward and backwards compatible with all our vaporizers and 601 cart/coil systems.  Just one example- All of the Alpha Centauri coils work really well inside our Okeanos Micro Bubbler, and might work really well in some upcoming devices, too ;)

We're hard at work on the next batch of Alpha Centauri parts and accessories, and will be releasing new coils and covers to expand the Alpha Centauri's potential. Coming soon we will be introducing the Nibbler AC, a portable water bubbler for your Alpha Centauri cartridge system. It attaches with the same sturdy threading as either of the included two housings, and just as simple to load and use. Check out how well the Alpha Centauri performs with a little moisture conditioning!

Thanks for your time, and as always, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about our products!