UP Tech's Grade 2 Titanium USA Laboratory Test Results: Putting vaporists health first since 2008

UP Tech's Grade 2 Titanium USA Laboratory Test Results: Putting vaporists health first since 2008

Posted by UP Tech on 2nd Mar 2016

Good day, fellow vaporists. Recently some redditors have asked for test results of the Grade 2 titanium wire used inside our KISS Alpha Centauri and KISS Cartridges:

KISS Alpha Centauri Grade 2 Titanium dual coil

Some questions have been raised recently regarding the source of our our test results. I would like to take a few moments to address concerns regarding the materials and testing methods employed by Utopia Planitia Technologies.

Material safety has been a priority of this company since our inception in 2008. We have always worked hard to develop and engineer the highest quality vaporizer components, and this means continual testing during product development and production. We perform these tests for our internal use to know the products we put out are safe for our customers and haven’t historically used their results as marketing materials. However, we do want to share as much information as possible with our inquiring customers, and do provide these test results for our customers’ consideration.  We previously shared a test result of a production sample from April 14th, 2015 on /r/waxpen: Click here 

Since that result was shared, some concerns about the origins or accuracy of the Chinese laboratory that performed the test have been raised.

To address this concern, please reference this US test result: Click Here

Fact is, we have provided and continue to make available USA laboratory tests of our Grade 2 titanium wire. Please note the date of this test: It’s a follow-up test performed in Southern California on March 6, 2014 to confirm the legitimacy of previous Chinese testing before we ever introduced a titanium wire cartridge. We wanted to double check the overseas tests before bringing our Grade 2 Titanium KISS Cartridge to market, in order to be assured of their quality before release.

You are welcome to review these results. We have not obscured any data on these documents, and while the fine print may not stipulate that they were done to “USA Testing Standards” please rest assured that Element Materials Technology is AS9100 and Nadcap certified, and they are located in the USA. What we found from this result is the American testing lab completely validated our Chinese test results. We continue to test our components on a regular basis.

Utopia Planitia Technologies remains committed to using only the highest quality materials in our products, and we hope these test results will show our commitment to quality. Our goal from Day 1 has been complete quality assurance. That's why we

  • Removed all cotton from our cartridges in 2011
  • Introduced the Hercules user rebuildable cartridge in 2012.
  • Developed a safe load as you go cartridge:


  • No glue
  • No nickel mesh
  • No solder
  • No silica

Before any other company cared to be health conscious or submit any coil to a laboratory for analysis. Why we tested our Titanium wire to ensure it's legitimate, and not an alloy, before ever advertising the product for sale.

We test each product before bringing it to market in order to ensure the components within are up to our quality standards. Your continued satisfaction is why we strive to manufacture the best quality vaporization devices we can, and we hope these laboratory results illustrate our commitment to your safety.

Thank you for your time.

-UP Tech