When Bigger Isn't Better: Loading your Omicron

Posted by SamuraiSam on 22nd Jul 2016

I suggest starting out with small "grain of rice" or half-pea sized loads, because they're the easiest to manage and deal with heat-wise and taste wise. Start low and work your way up: hasty overloading can lead to an off flavor and messy parts! When it comes to load size with coil oil heaters, I don't think bigger is better.

When you load more oil into an exposed coil, "Load-as-you-go" "atomizer", all of the oil sits on top of the heating element and is heated along with the oils in direct contact with the heating wire being actively vaporized. When you let off the button, the coil remains hot and the oils in contact with it remain warm and runny. Instead of being contained within the porous wicks held inside the coils, when overloaded the oils have no place to go but to run into the ceramic cup. If you leave the Omicron in this state the oils can run down and leak into the air inlet hole beneath the coil. When the oil solidifies it'll clog the hole and make it hard to draw.

Another factor to consider is that when oil is heated beyond a certain point it will begin to lose flavor due to the volatility of the terpenes it contains. If you load Omicron A with with three hits worth of oil, reload, and vape another three hits, each of your hits should be tasty. If you load twice that amount as you keep hitting the fourth, fifth, and sixth loads will be less flavorful since the additional oils put inside have been heated much more and lost more terpenes due to heat exposure compared to the smaller load technique that didn't have so much left over oil.

We designed the Omicron to deliver the most flavor possible and for coil style heaters, that means small loads just like you'd dab a small amount at a time at a low temperature. The porous ceramic wick can hold 2-4 hits worth of oil and you won't get much splatter on the walls and minimal splatter on the housing walls if you draw gently and load small amounts. We placed the air inlet underneath the coil for the best vapor production and it also makes cool down draws as effective as possible. These coils have a lot of mass and retain heat, we suggest drawing for a moment or two after letting off the power to clear the coil of vapors and also draw air past the coil to begin cooling it down. Then, after you've enjoyed your hit, simply drawing through the Omicron for a few seconds to cool the coil and the oils held inside it will cool everything down and ensure your Omicron is ready for the next hit in three seconds, thirty minutes, or three days away.

The Omicron isn't a one-trick pony, though. We built some flexibility into it, and provided a deep well dual coil atomizer with plenty of room to pack a good sized load. If convenience is a higher priority than flavor it's possible to put more inside its heater, and we put higher wattage settings in the Omicron (Green is 16 watts, and Blue is 19 watts) to deliver higher heat levels for thicker vapor, plus the hotter heat helps out with those oils that run away from the coil.

To overcome the hot coil making oils run, simply draw air through the Omicron after each hit to cool the coil and the oils inside. You can load significantly more than a grain of rice inside the dual coil if you're okay with the flavor fall off & extra splatter on the chamber walls. If you forget to cool down with a lot inside oils will run down the air inlet of the coil and dirty the contact points of the Base to the Heater. Oil doesn't conduct electricity so you'll have to clean up the mess to restore performance.

If you have packed a lot inside, 5-15 seconds of passive drawing (with the same gentle draw as you vaporize with) after a toke or two will go a long way towards keeping the oils up top where you want them. Exactly how much cool-down is needed depends on how hot you heated the coil and its contents while vaping.

Lower power settings are suggested since they're easier to use and not go wrong with. Higher wattage settings introduce more heat and pulses should be shortened while using them:

I always suggest to start low, and work your way up with regard to load size and power levels. For bigger clouds, proceed at your own risk- if you choose to turn the power up to say 16 watts or 19 watts you would need to reduce the pulse length, and run the risk of burning out coils sooner. I suggest no more than 2-3 seconds at these high power levels, you might want to give a half second or second between pulses, try out different techniques and see what works best for you. Here's THC Scientific's tips:

I follow these simple rules:

If I can hear the incoming air, then I'm inhaling too fast.

On blue, I make sure I have enough in the coil so that thermodynamics comes into play.

I start inhaling right before I press the button.

I inhale and clear the chamber after I let go of the button.

I pulse the button at a higher pace on higher settings.

I pulse the button at a lower pace on lower settings.

I make sure to draw air and cool the coil & oils after the session is over.