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Sideloading Persei Progress

Posted by SamuraiSam on 24th Aug 2016

It's been some time since the side loading Hercules mock ups were shown, and we've been making good progress on the circuit board and control algorithms for temperature controlling our ceramic rod hea … read more

When Bigger Isn't Better: Loading your Omicron

Posted by SamuraiSam on 22nd Jul 2016

I suggest starting out with small "grain of rice" or half-pea sized loads, because they're the easiest to manage and deal with heat-wise and taste wise. Start low and work your way up: hasty overlo … read more

Hercules on Hash Church

Posted by SamuraiSam on 17th May 2016

This past weekend I was invited north by BC Bubbleman who invited me back for Hash Church episode 86. The majority of the discussion (the first 3 hours) were solidly about AUM, the new Ca … read more

How I found the Omicron / Omicron Giveaway

Posted by SamuraiSam on 30th Jan 2016

It's always nice to hear from a customer who's been helped my posts I've made on FC, Reddit, and elsewhere- the validation that those posts have been helpful makes them worth while! I'm often told … read more

Omicron v4 The Next Generation Oil Vaporizer

Posted by Gary Bay on 16th Dec 2015

When we first started the oil vaporizer industry in 2008 no one would have thought what the industry would become, no one thought about what it would be like in 8 years that is right the oil vapori … read more

All About the Omicrons (And Batteries)

Posted by SamuraiSam on 9th Dec 2015

Greetings, Omicronians! Today I'm here to talk about the original essential oil vaporizer, the Omicron. This is our flagship pen vape, originally designed to power our Essential Oil cartridg … read more