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How to get started with your Hercules Oil Cartridge

Posted by SamuraiSam on 21st Nov 2015

When you first get the Hercules it won't have any oils on it buy may have residuals from manufacturing, that's why we suggest boiling all its parts in distilled water. I put all the Hercules parts in … read more

All Glass Herbal and Oil Vaporizer anyone?

Posted by Gary Bay on 10th Nov 2015

The Future is coming the Future is coming, sounds like the world is ending the world is ending but that is not the case here, it could very well be for some desk top vaporizers manufacturers but … read more

Kiss Alpha Centauri Oil Vaporizer Cartridge

Posted by Gary Bay on 22nd Sep 2015

G here back again going to tell you about our Kiss Alpha Centauri oil vaporizer cartridge and why it is truly a heavy duty cartridge for the essential oil user. We believe that true innovation of o … read more

Okeanos V1 Micro Bubbler Review

Posted by Vape Dr. on 10th Oct 2014

The Okeanos bubbler is one awesome little device. It is basically a water filtrated attachment that uses a KISS coil.What is better than vaporizing oil?Vaporizing oil through water filtration!The O … read more

Hercules SR Series Hash Oil Vaporizer Cartridge

Posted by Vape Dr. on 29th Sep 2014

The mighty Hercules! If youv've tried the KISS and globe cartridge your sure to know about the Hercules.The Hercules is for when enogh is never enough, The top dog.So step up and try the Hercules!If … read more