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Bender Vaporizer Review

Posted by Vape Dr. on 23rd Sep 2014

The Bender dry herb Vaporizer Attachment ReviewFor those of you that are unaware, W9 Tech does offer a dry herb attachment for your Persei vaporizer.The Bender is an amazing dry herb vaping device t … read more

Nibbler G Vape Pen Bubbler

Posted by Vape Dr. on 19th Sep 2014

So now I've done quite a few reviews on oil vaporizers and cartridges.Now I think it's time to step it up a notch and check out the Nibbler G bubbler for your W9 Tech portable oil vaporizers.This … read more

Kiss Globe Vape Pen Oil Cartridge Review

Posted by Vape Dr. on 19th Sep 2014

If you own any W9 Tech oil vaporizer, I'm sure your familiar with the KISS cartridge, and its unparalleled taste.Well, W9 has outdone themselve again withe the Kiss Globe V2. The KISS Globe comes c … read more

Hercules SR74 Vaporizer Cartridge Review

Posted by StormyPinkness on 19th Sep 2014

Wow. Wow because it’s intimidating and wow because it’s amazing. I was worried about getting this because it seemed like a lot of machine, if you’re having the same doubts go to fuckcombustion.com and … read more

O-Phos Evod series oil vaporizer review

Posted by Vape Dr. on 19th Sep 2014

Are you just getting into vaporizing concentrates?Are you on a budget?Do you want an oil vaoporizer that not only works but allows you to fully enjoy your concentrates?Do you want an oil vaporizer … read more

The Core Pass through system for your Vaporizer

Posted by StormyPinkness on 18th Sep 2014

The Core isn’t necessary, it’s a luxury. A really, really great luxury. Next time you’re out of batteries, or lose one, or have one die on you and you don’t have backups or they’re currently charging … read more

Omicron Lite Vaporizer

Posted by StormyPinkness on 18th Sep 2014

This is the perfect vaporizer pen for anyone new to extract vaporizing or this company to start off with. It feels comfortable and solid in your hand. I have the matte black version which I think is a … read more

Kiss Vaporizer Globe Review

Posted by StormyPinkness on 18th Sep 2014

This amazing cart is what originally got me interested in this company. My old vape pen used some kind of plastic/silica wick that would give off vapor dry and I don’t even know what the metal coil or … read more