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Persei Oil Vaporizer Review

Posted by Vape Dr. on 18th Sep 2014

Persei oil Vaporizer reviewThe Persei oil vaporizer comes with everythirng you need to get started enjoying your finest concentrates the way they were meant to be enjoyed.The persei oil vaporizer is … read more

Essential Oil and Hash Oil Vaporizer

Posted by Gary Bay on 16th Sep 2014

What is the difference between each vaporizer? Hey guys am back to discuss essential oil vaporizers and hash oil vaporizers and what is the difference. To start off we will do comparisons and the t … read more

Concentrate Types for Vaporizers

Posted by Linda M on 6th Sep 2014

For years, I lived in a state where cannabis was not legal for any purpose and eventually moved to California, where medical marijuana has been legal since the passing of Proposition 215 in 1996. … read more

Minicron Vaporizer - Vape Pen

Posted by Gary Bay on 6th Sep 2014

Jumping straight in so please keep your hands and feet inside my head at all time. High I'm Gary the guy behind Thc Scientific you know the guy on fuckcombustion.com always stalking the threads and … read more

What Temperatures To Vaporize At

Posted by Linda M on 21st Aug 2014

What is the right vaping temperature for different herbs?Has this happened to you before? Your first time using a vaporizer with a temperature setting, and you have no idea what to set it to? Th … read more

Kiss Cartridge - Vape Pen.

Posted by Gary Bay on 19th Aug 2014

Hello Im back again to discuss the Kiss cartridge for the Minicron, Minicron Lite, Ophos, Omicron lite, Omicron and Persei vape pens. Few that was a mouth full but back to our little blog and why I … read more

​How Vaporizers Help People

Posted by Linda M on 17th Aug 2014

Vaporizers have been around for quite a while, but recently, they seem to be everywhere. Prices have come down tremendously, making vaporizers – from desktop to portable – easily attainable and wi … read more

Omicron Vaporizer the Original Vape Pen.

Posted by Gary Bay on 16th Aug 2014

People ask me many questions about why the Omicron vaporizer is better. Throughout the years I have come to the conclusion that a short and simple answer is best to fit the best vaporizer on the mar … read more