Okeanos Micro Bubbler

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Okeanos Micro Bubbler
Here at Utopia Planitia Technologies we take pride in knowing that we raise the bar when it comes to portable vaporizers and are happy to offer a new concept for moisture conditoined oil vapor on the go. Our next innovation, the Okeanos Micro Bubbler is designed to bring you water filtration to your portable essential oil vaporizer. It is designed to be pocket portable and easy to operate.

The Okeanos Micro Bubbler is made from Stainless Steel and American Borosilicate glass which brings you the durability and quality to ensure you enjoy its use for years to come. Our Okeanos Micro Bubbler has been updated to a 510 threading for compatibility with a wide variety of devices, and we've equipped it for full compatibility with all Alpha Centauri coils. One deep well Dual Wick Alpha Centauri coil is included to elevate your vapor experience to another level entirely, and the Okeanos can also hold single wick and 1701 ceramic donut replacement coils, as long as your battery or mod is capable of powering them!
Not only have we raised the bar but we continue to improve our customers health with top quality coils. Simply put you can put your mind at rest with the best oil coils and bubblers from Utopia Planitia Technologies.
What is included:
Instructions: Manual
Caution: Includes one AC dual coil. Not all vaporizers may be capable of powering these sub-ohm coils (0.6-0.8Ω) so please check your vaporizer specifications to ensure compatibility before purchase. Contact our support with any questions!
The Okeanos Micro Bubbler is warrantied against defects in craftsmanship. Any issues must be reported with 24 hours of receipt. Heating coils may only be replaced if reported DOA within 24 hours of receipt, with the coil verified in unloaded condition so please test fire all coils before loading.