510 to 601 Hercules Adapter Bottom Insulator

510 Battery, 601 Hercules Adapter Bottom Insulator

This is a mechanical bottom insulator that will adapt your existing Hercules 3.7/7.4, Hercules SR-71, SR-74, or SR-74x with native 601 threading (on the Threaded Assembly) into a 510 threading for compatibility with variable power box mods. This adapter is for native 601 Hercules only and will not fit on a 510 threaded Hercules.

This insulator has two o-ring grooves for compatibility with the Nibbler XL Bubbler.

It features a user adjustable pin that requires proper and occasional adjustment for to ensure connectivity: Hold one screw and turn the other 90° counter-clockwise, check and repeat if necessary until contact is made.

It's subject to wear and may require replacement if the Hercules has been repeatedly overtightened.


Please contact our Support team if you have any questions about the suitability of this piece for your Hercules before purchasing.

This part is subject to wear and can be damaged if too much force is applied.No warranty is given other than dead on arrival. This must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. Proof of purchase is required.