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Minicron Lite Oil Vaporizer

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  • Product Description

    Instructions: Manual
    The Minicron Lite Essential Oil Vaporizer is one more kit to be added to our line up while incorporating the Evod design we also modified it to fit our customers needs by adding a usb charging port and a self adjusting center pin that eliminates the major issues associated with this type of units. The Minicron Lite Vape Pen uses our industry leading Kiss cartridge system with a ceramic wick that gives you tasty vapor every time you use it. The battery is shorter then our Ophos and  Omicron Lite battery and even shorter then our Minicron line but packs the same punch. The electronics allows you to safely lock the device and place it in your pocket for on the go without worrying about anything. The unit comes with our industry leading 1 year warranty and customer service.
    What is included:
    • 1 x Mincron Lite 350 mah Vape Pen Battery.
    • 1 x 3.7V KISS Cartridge.
    • 1 x Up Tech Usb Cord.
    • 1 x Vape Pen Carry Case.
  • Warranty Information

    Minicron Lite Vaporizer - Warranty
    The Minicron Lite Vaporizer has a Limited 1 year Warranty against all manufacturer defects on all parts except extract cartridge, cartomizer, atomizer, charger, spring plate and spring cap. All parts will be replaced free of charge for 1 year except extract cartridge, cartomizer, atomizer, charger, spring plate, shield cone and spring cap starting from the date of purchase with original printed receipt from an authorized dealer.
    The unit will not be covered if: 1) abuse is discovered or 2) wear and tear through normal use. Abuse is determined if the user is not using the vaporizers in its designed capacity. After that you (the customer) will be charged a service fee per warranty claim + Shipping limited to 1 service fee charge per year. This means that you will purchase a warranty claim from our website, ship us your complete Minicron Lite Vaporizer kit minus the fill tool and cartridges, and it will be refurbished to brand new status and your warranty extends for another year against manufacturer defects.
    Service fees:
    • Minicron Lite Vaporizer $20.00.
    Service repair or extended warranty coverage can be purchased here.
    Intentional Damage Repair
    If for any reason you decide to break it, bend it, run over it with a steam roller we do not care what you decide to do as long as its recognizable as a Minicron Lite Vaporizer and has all the parts that will complete the unit then we will replace it for service fee + shipping per claim. The parts that we will be replace in your warranty claim if found defective includes the top without an LCD display, middle tube and bottom cap. We reserve the right to substitute a product with another of equal and or greater value or equal and or greater performance if the original product is not available. The Intentional Damage Repair Warranty does not extend your original warranty it only replaces your unit, and the original warranty carries over without extension.
    Example 1:
    If you have 6 months warranty left on your unit and you decide to use the vaporizer as a hammer and break it, what you do is purchase a Intentional Damage Repair and your original warranty now carries over to the new battery. At the end you still have 6 months left.
    Example 2:
    If you have no warranty left on your vaporizer then purchasing this will only get you a new vaporizer with a 1 year warranty against manufacturers defects from date of purchase. Does not include back orders or pre orders. If you decide to damage your unit again you will need to purchase Intentional Damage Repair service again.
    Service fees per incident:
    • Minicron Lite Vaporizer $20.00.
    Service repair or extended warranty coverage can be purchased here.

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