vaporizer-601-mod.png 601 Mod is our original threading used on almost all our vaporizers. 601 mod cartridges fit our VaporizerMinicron LiteMinicronOmicron LiteOmicron v1-v3Persei v1-v5, and 8 vaporizers.
vaporizer-601-ego.png 601 eGo fits our O-Phos vaporizer only.
vaporizer-510-mod.png 510 Mod fits our Omicron V4, 8 vaporizer, and more to come; along with many third party mods. Sits flush on flat-top mod boxes and pens with female threading.
vaporizer-510-ego.png 510 Ego has a skirt to cover up e-cigarette eGo batteries with outer (male) threading visible.

Please contact our customer service if you need any assistance determining the correct fitment for your vaporizer!