Omicron v5 Upgrade

Omicron v5 Upgrade
  • This upgrade requires you to mail in your Omicron Top, original dated sales receipt, and upgrade receipt to us before we send out your new vaporizer. If we do not receive an Omicron to upgrade, we will cancel your order.

    Make sense? Great! Let's go over the details:

    • First-come, first-serve. Limited availability for the time being.
    • We will be double-checking purchase dates and triple confirming eligibility
    • We will not be held responsible for lost mail or packages that don’t make it to our warehouse. Ship Signature Required when you send in your Omicron V2/V3 tops to ensure we receive it.
    • You MUST select USPS shipping during check-out. A signature will be required upon delivery. We cannot send Omicron pre-orders via UPS, and any order put through with UPS will be cancelled.


    You can purchase this upgrade on its own, or with any accessories you choose. Many people will want to pick up extra Alpha Centauri coils for the Omicron's included Alpha Centauri V3. If you have any 601 attachments from your older Omicron you'd like to use on your V5, you'll need a 510 battery to 601 cartridge thread adapter to make the connection. Orders will be held and shipped complete only after we've received your Omicron.

    There are 3 magic items we need you to send us:

    1. Omicron V2, V2.5, V2.xx, V3 vaporizer top. You can keep your cartridges, batteries, tube, and anything else; we only need the Top with the button on it.
    2. Original dated sales receipt for the purchase of that Omicron, or a packing slip from Warehouse 103.
    3. Printed receipt for the purchase of this upgrade fee.


    If for any reason you are unable to print a receipt, or if your Omicron was purchased from and you haven't kept its packing slip; kindly write us a printed note with your full name, phone number, and both order numbers. It must be clearly legible, don't make us break out a magnifying glass! We must confirm purchase dates of all Omicron sent in for upgrade. If you have any questions about your current Omicron qualifying, or want to double check an order number, please contact our Customer Support team before placing an order.

    We are NOT responsible for lost packages; PLEASE send your Omicron to us using Signature Required Shipping:

    UP Tech
    8174 S Las Vegas Blvd
    Suite 109-217
    Las Vegas NV 89123

    Once we recieve your Omicron top and reciepts we will upgrade your unit and ship you a V5 Omicron Vaporizer kit!

    This upgrade program is subject to change. We reserve the right to add or change qualifying conditions or price at any time.