All Glass Herbal and Oil Vaporizer anyone?

All Glass Herbal and Oil Vaporizer anyone?

Posted by Gary Bay on 10th Nov 2015

The Future is coming the Future is coming, sounds like the world is ending the world is ending but that is not the case here, it could very well be for some desk top vaporizers manufacturers but that is a total different story. The future I am talking about is the one that when a user uses a single vaporizer that vaporizers oils and herbs, one vaporizer that is built using quartz and borosilicate, one vaporizer that has no other material in the air path other than quartz or borosilicate, one vaporizer that can vaporize 0.01 grams of herbs all the way up to 3.0 grams of herbs ( can anyone say party mode? ), one vaporizer that can vaporize oils as small as 0.001 all the way up to 2.0 grams ( can anyone say passed out ? ) all at once but if you have the lung capacity why not right? No harm in trying to vaporizer that much oil at once, and that vaporizer can sit in your office or coffee table and look like a work of art while still offer true convection when you need it.

Enter Utopia, the Perfect Herbal and Oil Vaporizer, yes I know some of you are saying “bold claims there Gary”, “I call bs”, and my favorite is the “ya right”. For anyone who knows me and what Up Tech is about they will know that we deliver on our promises, some are behind schedule well let me be honest almost all of our vaporizer projects are behind schedule, but we never talk about a herbal or oil vaporizer that we will not deliver. Sometimes it is due to manufacturing process that is unavailable to us due to finances or just straight out does not exist but going back to our train of thought (thank you Inside Out and my kids) a single vaporizer that is convection and all glass air path is in development.

While we are working on this beauty I would like to point out that because of the way this vaporizer works we are able to give it many different faces. It has 2 x 400 watt heaters capable of reach 500C in about 55 seconds in open air, meaning when inserted these things will reach operating temperatures in about 30-45 seconds. Let us hope this holds true. Now one is saying 500C good lord that’s a lot of power to vaporize oils and herbs. Good question. The way we work is weird believe me when I say it, that we like to have the power and not use it instead of craving that power and not have it. This allows the end user to vaporize at any temperatures he or she chooses. The power is necessary to bring it to full operating temperatures real quick and then you decide.

Stay tuned for the Ultimate in Herbal and Oil Vaporizers when the Utopia Takes off in 2016. 

Gary Bay