Hercules SR Series Hash Oil Vaporizer Cartridge

Hercules SR Series Hash Oil Vaporizer Cartridge

Posted by Vape Dr. on 29th Sep 2014

The mighty Hercules! If youv've tried the KISS and globe cartridge your sure to know about the Hercules.

The Hercules is for when enogh is never enough, The top dog.

So step up and try the Hercules!

If you have a CORE you should be required to have a Hercules.

There are 3 different Hercules. the SR71, SR74, & the latest the SR74x.

They are all available in 7.4 or 3.7 volts.

As you can see, all models are almost identical from the outside. On the inside they have made some improvements.

W9 Tech does not sleep. They make oil vaporizers and accessories 24/7.

If you own a SS (super stealth kit) you can use (2) 18350 volt batteries for 7.4 volts or a single 18350 or 18650 for 3.7 volts for load and go.

The differnt versions 3 versions work great but have slightly different internals, all of which are primarily personal preferance.

Repair and cleaning mostly.

The Hercules is not as good as you've heard, it's better!

This is for you want to sit back and relax for a long time and enjoy.

Or load it and go out for the day, being prepared.

The hercules uses a ceramic rod with a donut coil or coils to saturate your oils.

When it come to taste this beast is absolutely amazing!

Here is a break down of the SR74x

As you can see the Hercules is very simple for you to take apart yourself and clean or repair.

Every piece of the Hercules is available seperately through W9 Tech.

As a personal lover and avid user of the SR74x I can tell you this thing is the best oil vaporizer I've ever used hands down.

This beast is absolutely aswesome!

The Hercules is super user friendly, it has optional rods for different voltages and does not require alot of work at all.

To change voltages you simply change the ceramic rod.

Its as easy as a twist of the fingers.

When you really want to get the absolute most from your oils, ther Hercules is up for any challange you bring it, so bring it on with the Hercules.

Vape Dr.