Kiss Alpha Centauri Oil Vaporizer Cartridge

Kiss Alpha Centauri Oil Vaporizer Cartridge

Posted by Gary Bay on 22nd Sep 2015

G here back again going to tell you about our Kiss Alpha Centauri oil vaporizer cartridge and why it is truly a heavy duty cartridge for the essential oil user. We believe that true innovation of oil vaporizer cartridges come when you take the short comings of other oil cartridges and improve on them. 

First Look

Kiss Alpha Centauri Oil Vaporizer Cartridge.

The first trait you notice about the Kiss Alpha Centauri is that it has two domes, one is stainless steel and the other Borosillicate. This allows the end user to have best of both worlds, it combines the stealth characteristics of our Kiss Gen 3 and our Kiss Globe oil cartridges. Now you do not need to have two different cartridges with coils for each, you can have one oil vaporizer cartridge with all the types of coils available for it. Single coil titanium grade 2, Dual coil Titanium Grade 2, Quartz HD dual coil titanium grade 2 and our 1701 ceramic donut. 

The Coils 

With our next generation coils you get quality like never before, these coils come with thicker titanium grade 2 coils that no other oil vaporizer cartridge has available, our next generation coils have more wraps around the wick to give you even bigger vapor while vaporizing almost all your oil. Combine it with our black ceramic technology these coils absorb more oils for you to vaporize instead of having the oils drop down into the bottom of the coil they are now absorbed. With that said no coil would be worth if we cant make them without glue, solder or silica, that is why they do not contain any of the mentioned products. Now you can vaporize with confidence in knowing that your coils are not a health risk.

The Base

When designing the base we have taken into account few issues with prior generations. These issues included oil being leaked onto the battery threads of your vaporizer and the other being that you where not able to fully clean your oil cartridge. This helped us in give the base for the Kiss Alpha Centauri oil vaporizer cartridge an option to be fully disassembled and cleaned without losing any oils in the process. The following video will give you an idea of what the Kiss Alpha Centauri is about. 

With Up Tech your oil vaporizing experience will be elevated. We manufacture professional grade oil vaporizers and cartridges. Enjoy.