The wide world of KISS Globes, Coils, and Nibblers. Get the most out of your Globe setup!

The wide world of KISS Globes, Coils, and Nibblers. Get the most out of your Globe setup!

Posted by SamuraiSam on 3rd Nov 2015

Oil Globe kits have proven to be one of today’s most popular vaporizer platforms for many good reasons! A Globe “standard” emerged quickly as oil pen type vaporizers began gaining in popularity, and thanks to an established standard we’re able to offer direct replacement globe kits, Globes, atomizers, coils, ceramic donuts, and more for a huge variety of Globes! Many vaporists appreciate the visual feedback, being able to see vapor production helps you dial in the perfect hit! Looking at your vapor thickness can help you learn the perfect strength and how to feather the button to maximize your oil's terpenes. A KISS Globe is a handy thing to have if you want to learn how new techniques make a difference with your dab!

Our KISS Globe kits are available in a variety of thread types to fit nearly any vaporizer on the market. Pictured here is a 601 Mod fitment, shown here on our Minicron vaporizer.  Not only do we have 601 threaded globes kits available to fit all our vaporizers (All W9 Tech vaporizers take 601 mod, except for the O-Phos that takes 601 Ego), we have 510 threaded kits too, to fit any eGo battery or flat top box mod.

The kit comes with every part needed to get vaporizing besides the battery. We include a Globe Base- this piece threads into your vaporizer or battery, and the coil threads into it. The base has some O rings to hold the Globe, and we include an all-glass Globe and mouthpiece. There’s just a single glass piece to see your vapor and draw through, it's a window into your world of vapor! The glass globe can be easily cleaned with a tool or by soaking in isopropyl alcohol. 

Each KISS Globe Kit come with two coils so you’ll have a spare on hand. Each coil sports a porous black ceramic wick wrapped in Nichrome wire for a durable long lasting vape! And once you’ve picked up a KISS Globe, it opens up a whole world of new coil options. We have a variety of replacement options available, including our most popular;  the KISS Globe Ti Gr2 coils.


Each of these replacement Globe coils features one porous black wick wrapped in pure Grade 2 titanium wire, for those seeing out a more flavorful vape than the nichrome coils. Titanium wrapped heating coils heat slowly and evenly, and require a feathering technique for best flavor on our vaporizers. Luckily, you're using a Globe so it couldn't be easier to find that perfect pulse.

Personally, due to that magical-for-me combination of the porous FC2000 ceramic wick coupled with our Grade 2 titanium wire, this is my favorite Globe coil :) It's the most flavorful Globe wire-wrapped Globe coil we make, and it delivers a great balance between flavor, vapor production, and conservation. But each person has different preferences and priorities- that's why we make such a variety of coils, so each person can find the right coil for the task at hand :)

For the cloud chasers looking for a lot of vapor density in a small package we also have dual wick Globe coils available. These dual wick carts have lots more wire to heat your oils, and they'll put out thicker vapor since more oil's being vaporized at once. Due to the space constraints in the Globe form factor, we’ve fit the smaller white ceramic wicks inside these coils. White ceramic doesn’t have the same absorbency as our porous black wicks, but they provide more area for your oil to adhere to. We wrap your choice of wire, nichrome for durability and a powerful punch, or Grade 2 Titanium for a pure flavor, around these two white wicks. 

Last but certainly not least, we’ve brought a ceramic disc heater to the Globe with our 1701 ceramic donuts. These have no heating coil at all, they actually utilize a flat ceramic disc heater. The heater provides a much larger surface area than a wrapped coil does for even heating. Sitting directly on top of the ceramic heater is a porous black ceramic wick to feed oils into the heater disc in a controlled fashion, as well as minimize splatter on the glass Globe walls. The 1701's are absolute terp blasters; they really deliver all the flavors of your extracts and oils, but you won't see the same thickness of vapor as our wire heater carts. Use a gentle draw and a decent hold to really enjoy these ceramic donuts.

While other companies charge an arm and a leg for glue packed coils wicked with silica that billow mystery vapor; our coils have no glue, silica, or solder inside, our coils can be cleaned completely with a soak in isopropyl alcohol, and won’t put out any mystery "vapor" with a dry fire.

The options don't end there. We also provide a few portable Nibbler bubblers that are compatible with our Globe kit. Our Nibblers are hand made by scientific glassworkers in America and are made of thick borosilicate glass.

The Nibbler G is a compact, all glass bubbler that's just as easy to take on and off as the included glass Globe and adds moisture conditioning to smooth out and cool down your hit.

And if you'd like one to wear, the Nibbler GN is my personal favorite. It has a six slit percolator and great function, super convenient to wear around your neck. Pair the GN with a KISS Globe, a Vaporizer or Minicron Lite, and you'll be the envy of all your friends when you slip a dab rig out of hiding... around your neck!

I'll leave you with an old video about a year ago, when I first got to try out the Nibbler GN and the Grade 2 Ti coils on my Omicron vaporizer. Check out the percolation on the GN! Such smooth vapor :D

Thanks again for reading all about our KISS Globe options. I'm W9 Tech's customer service specialist and would be happy to help if you have any questions about our gear! Don't hesitate to reach out- contact us any time!