Next Generation Of Oil Vaporizers coming to W9 Tech in 2016

Next Generation Of Oil Vaporizers coming to W9 Tech in 2016

Posted by Gary Bay on 6th Nov 2015

Hello their everyone Gary here with Up Tech here to discuss the next generation of oil vaporizers that we will be developing specifically for our Hercules SR74x, Kiss Gen 3 and Kiss Alpha Centauri oil cartridges.

First one up is the new single 18650 50 watt Temperature control oil vaporizer that is designed specifically for the Hercules SR74x with temperature control in mind and reducing the length of the vaporizer itself. We will release the final specs on this vaporizer as soon as we finalize the circuitry. It will give the user the range of 200F all the way up to 600F to vape with all your extracts and concentrates. The cool function of this device is that it reduces the total length of the Vaporizer by half at most by using a side loading design instead of having the Hercules on top like our Persei vaporizer. It will feature an OLED screen and on top of that you are able to use Temperature control on our Kiss Gen 3 and 1701 ceramic donuts. The name is yet too determined but we think we have one already picked out. It uses a single 18650 battery we recommend AW IMR so that it can provide you with the best vapor that is possible from our oil cartridges.

The unit will also feature a variable wattage mode that will allow the user to go all out. Range should be around 5-50 watts, and ohm range for temperature control should be 0.3 - 3.0 ohm. This allows the user to use a wide range of oil cartridges to vaporizer all the different style concentrates and extracts that are available in the oil industry.

We at W9 Tech believe oil vaporization should be taken seriously, that is why we have waited so long to introduce the perfect oil vaporizer for the perfect oil cartridge. The vaporizer will come standard with our Limited Life Time warranty. What this means is that if within the first year your vaporizer breaks down we will repair it or replace it for free, after the first year a service fee will be charged for the work done that will give you another year of free repair work just in case something else happens. We might also apply our intentional damage warranty to this vaporizer only time will tell. Until then stay tuned sign up for our emails for more updates.