Okeanos V1 Micro Bubbler Review

Okeanos V1 Micro Bubbler Review

Posted by Vape Dr. on 10th Oct 2014

The Okeanos bubbler is one awesome little device. It is basically a water filtrated attachment that uses a KISS coil.

What is better than vaporizing oil?

Vaporizing oil through water filtration!

The Okeanos is a very small portable bubbler that packs a huge punch.

Using 3.7 volts, the taste is amazing to say the least.

Simply fill up the KISS cart in the unit, add water and enjoy!

It doesn't get much easier than that.

The Okeanos works just as well as you would expect any W9 Tech product to work.

The Okeanos is very slim and pretty small (about the size of a C battery) but don't let that fool you!

It is very much a little beast!

I use a small needle tip bottle to apply the appropriate amount of water in very easily.

This is not necessary, I just find it to be super convenient.

When attached to your Persei, you will notice it is roughly the same diameter as the Persei. This makes for a very convenient portable and pocket-able water bubbler for your Persei

The great thing about the Okeanos is that it will work with all W9 Tech units, including pens such as the O-phos, Omicron, Minicron, etc. So no matter what W9 Tech vaporizer you use, you can easily attach the Okeanos and enjoy nice cool clouds at home or on the go!

As great of a unit as the Okeanos is by itself, W9 Tech now offers an Okeanos upgrade.

This upgrade includes a larger vapor chamber and an adjustable splash guard. The upgrade can be had for an additional $15!

Keep on innovating W9 Tech! I'll keep on enjoying!

Vape Dr.