Omicron Oil Vaporizer v5

2100 mAh "HD" Model - Omicron Oil Vaporizer V5

We are proud to present our fourth generation Omicron Oil Vaporizer. The Omicron has been our flagship vaporizer since 2008 and we've worked continually since then to improve it. Our version 5 Omicron is a ground-up redesign, our best effort to redefine the benchmark for on the go essential oil vaporization.

We set out to create no less than the most durable, most powerful, and most flexible Omicron yet, and laid the foundation with the next step in battery technology for oil vaporizers. Inside the Omicron is your choice of a 900mAh, 1400mAh, or 2100mAh lithium-ion polymer battery, housed inside an impact resistant, vaccume-plated stainless steel body. It's easily recharged with an (included) micro USB cable and displays its battery level while recharging. Once charged, simply tap the button to cycle through five power settings:
We packed a serious battery inside the Omicron in order to power the sub-ohm coils inside the new second-generation KISS Alpha Centauri; a modular "load-as-you-go" cartridge system with two cartridge housings to suit any situation: Alpha Globe mode for viewing vapor production; infinitely helpful to dial in perfect technique, while Centauri’s stainless steel housing ensures durability and discretion any place you take it. We include one deep well dual coil atomizer, packed with two porous black ceramic wicks wrapped over 20 times with pure Grade 2 titanium wire. Unlike non-porous white ceramic or quartz rods, our ceramic wicks absorb oils inside the titanium coils to evenly heat it from all sides gently, for the best flavor and vapor production possible from a wire heater.


Power and purity in one package; and that's just the beginning! Our Kiss Alpha Centauri is compatible with many replacement heater options: both Dual SiCDual Quartz and Sirius titanium coil heaters are available. All these options and more are fully compatible with our Nibbler AC portable micro bubbler and/or the Okeanos Micro Bubbler if you wish to add water filtration to your pocketable rig!

Our Omicron Oil Vaporizer is backed with a limited lifetime warranty and our customer support team is here to help you with your Omicron for the life of the unit. Know that with UP Tech your vaporizer will Never be Obsolete!


Compatible With:

Technical Specifications:

Power Output: 6w, 9w, 13,w, 16w, 19w
Resistance Range: 0.3Ω - 2.0Ω
Threading: 510 mod with self adjusting cartridge pin
Recharges: Via Micro USB port. Cable included.

19mm diameter by:
0900 mAh LD, Battery Length 58mm or 2.3", total device length 110mm or 4.3"
1400 mAh MD, Battery Length 74mm or 2.9", total device length 126mm or 5.0"
2100 mAh HD, Battery Length 88mm or 3.5", total device length 140mm or 5.5"

The Omicron V4 Oil Vaporizer includes a limited lifetime warranty that covers parts and service at no cost for the first year of ownership. After one year a service fee will apply. Heating coils are warrantied against DOA / manufacturing defects within 24 hours of receipt, proof of purchase is required. Once the coil has been loaded, no warranty applies and no replacements may be offered.

Please test each new coil in a completely dark room by applying 5 second pulses of low power until a dull glow is seen. Do not allow the coil to glow red. If anything occurs with your Omicron battery or if the coil does not heat after the fourth power cycle, please send a video showing the issue to with your Order ID within 24 hours of receipt, no exceptions.